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Download 7 dias en La Habana full movie
Film Genre: Drama
Budget: 3 000 000 €
Country of Origin: Spain, France
Year of Release: 2012
Actors: Josh Hutcherson, Emir Kusturica, Daniel Brühl, Daisy Granados, Melvis Santa Estevez, Jorge Perugorría, Mirtha Ibarra, Vladimir Cruz, Elia Suleiman
IMDB: 6.0

Franchise launched ribbon "Paris, I love you," the triumphal march across countries and continents, invariably causing interest among venerable filmmakers and the public. At this time, the master of world cinema recognized in the love of the Cuban capital. "Havana, I love you" - is seven stories from seven directors (including Julio Medem and Benicio del Toro), representing to the public seven small fascinating stories, which takes place in Havana during the week. (The original name of the film sounds like "Seven Days in Havana".) Topics of different stories do not intersect. Their heroes are ordinary Cubans who know how to enjoy life and, of course, teach this audience. With PsiMovie.Com you can download 7 dias en La Habana Full Free HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

Seven fun and exciting short films about the adventures of visitors and residents of the Cuban capital - this island of freedom in the age of total power of corporations, the media and political correctness. Russian rolling title should attract viewers by putting tape on a par with popular almanac about Paris and New York, and, in general, it is justified - a method of forming similar collections. However, in the original movie called "7 Days in Havana" and it corresponds directly to its concept - each story is devoted to a specific day of the week. They filmed by different directors, but the scenario of one author - Cuban writer Leonardo Padura Fuentes. The first four - the most vital and entertaining, so that those who do not like something abstruse and mystical, can be limited only to view them. They are quite similar - all the talk about the adventures of Havana tourists from different countries. In the short story «El Yuma» (Monday, director Benicio Del Toro) is about a young Hollywood actor Teddy (Josh Hutcherson of "The Hunger Games"), who came to study in Cuban film school. Acquainted with the Russian-speaking taxi driver, Teddy goes thump in the bar. Novella Argentine director Pablo Trapero "Jam session" (Tuesday) is dedicated to Serbian director Emir Kusturica (Emir Kusturica), who came to the Havana Film Festival to receive the "Prize for his contribution." Oversight of the organizers of the driver Alberto (Alexander Abreu, the famous jazz trumpeter), received for the occasion modern Mercedes, forced coddling for a minute do not dry Emir. When he learned that his driver perfectly plays the trumpet, hungover kinoznamenitost promises to arrange Alberto world tour. dubiousness of this dramatic tearjerker moment compensate wonderful shooting early in the morning in Havana, from whom and himself as if you fall in the state experienced by the main character - when the hot summer drink until dawn. In the episode "The Seduction of Cecilia" (Wednesday) Julio Medem remains true to his favorite theme of the passion of love. Music producer from Spain (Daniel Bruhl, best known for playing Nazi soldier-hero Fredrick Zoller of "Inglorious Bastards") falls in love with the singer Cecilia (Melves Estevez) and promises to give her a tour of Europe. But Cecilia has a boyfriend - a mighty black baseball loser. This is perhaps one of the most moving and witty stories anthology. "Diary of a novice" (Thursday) Israeli director Elia Suleiman can be called entertaining artistic kinoputevoditelem to Havana. The director himself played a man first came to this city with fresh eyes and watching a variety of funny genre scenes from the life of its inhabitants. In the three subsequent novels guests Havana place is not found. Almost psychedelic "Ritual" (Friday) Gaspar Noé is dedicated to the local religion Santeria rituals. The heroine of "Bitter Sweet" (Saturday) Cuban Juan Carlos Tabío - Myrtle psychologist (Mirta Ibarra) working part time pastry chef. Carrying out a large order for santericheskogo holiday, a woman is faced with innumerable problems. Finally, the last novel - "Pool" Laurent Kant is perhaps the apotheosis of pure Cuban absurd. Grandmother March (Natalia Amore) works Santero - Virgin priestess Ochun, water spirit. Once Virgo is Martha and requires to build a swimming pool in her honor - right in the apartment. All the neighbors priestesses obliged to take direct part in this. "Havana, I love you" goes to Moscow rental at a surprisingly good weather - Set the heat as well as possible in harmony with the sultry atmosphere of the film.

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