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Download American Hustle hd movie
Film Genre: Drama Comedy
Budget: $ 40 million
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 2013
Director: David O. Russell
Screenwriter: David O. Russell, Eric Singer
Operator: Linus Sandgren
Somposer: Danny Elfman
Actors: Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Jeremy Renner, Louis CK, Alessandro Nivola, Jack Huston, Robert De Niro, Michael Pena, Shea Whigham
IMDB: 7.4

Crime comedy. History brilliant swindler Irving Rosenfeld and his partner in crime - a gentle Sidney Prosser British women who are forced to work with an FBI agent Richie Dimas and help him in catching dangerous mobsters and politicians of New Jersey. The plot of the film "American Hustle" is a real special operation carried out in the late 70's - early 80's FBI codenamed Abscam. Here you can download American Hustle Full Free HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

Crime is not a comedy, not a drama with a fantastic cast and no less fantastic ambitions. Elderly and nimble speculator mediocre with a characteristic name Rosenfeld (thick Christian Bale in a wig) meets a boring party with Sydney (maloprikrytaya Amy Adams), who not only likes of Duke Ellington, but the pilot is a fraud. Together, they are good not only in bed, but in the scam - things are going uphill when neurotic fbrovets Richie Dimas (Bradley Cooper himzavivkoy) grabs them in the act. The only option is not the network behind bars - to cooperate with law enforcement. The author of one of the best romantic comedies of the last year ("My boyfriend - crazy!") This time decided to play in the territory very close to skorsezevskoy (for credibility even here there is a small but effective yield Robert De Niro). Get a few to figure out something: a brilliant cast (and to have the above-mentioned actors Jeremy Renner added yet and already mascot director Jennifer Lawrence) fun and fooling around, so that about the history itself somehow overlooked. Of course, towards the end remember that it's not just a comedy, but also quite a crime drama, but the movie is inexorably moving towards the title. In many ways, this forgetfulness makes brilliant (this time literally) stylization: the era of disco, and the film takes place in the second half of the 70s, shines and sings in virtually every interior, every dress and every hairstyle. And without that grotesque and podlakirovannye neuroses become heroes under the weight of makeup and wardrobe almost a comic book characters in their brightness. The final chord of "American Hustle" is, of course, music - Donna Summer here side by side with Tom Jones and Bee Gees - with the Electric Light Orchestra. Sound track perfectly demonstrates the eclectic, which exudes a film by David O. Russell. It was she who distinguishes "American Hustle" from the nearest competitor in the face of "The Wolf of Wall Street." But if the picture Scorsese is committed to artistic rigor and restraint, the film invites the viewer to Russell simply cuts - and it's certainly the director's omission, despite his excellent taste.

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