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Film Genre: Thriller Science Fiction
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 2012
Screenwriter: Jamie Bradshaw, Alexander Dulerayn
Operator: Rogier Stoffers
Actors: Ed Stoppard, Jeffrey Tambor, Leelee Sobieski, John Laskowski, Max von Sydow, Ingeborg Dapkunayte, Andrew Kaikov Marina Ignatov Roman Petrenko, Anastasia Nefedova, Nick Harvey, Douglas A. Reno
IMDB: 4.7

The action takes place in the near future, the scene - Moscow 2017. The main character, Mikhail Galkin (Ed Stoppard) notice how accumulate around the change. The events seemingly unrelated. He discovers a global conspiracy and understands that this plot are hidden forces that control our world, and these forces do not belong to human civilization. The hero starts a war against them. A war that can not lose. With help of this site you can download Branded in HD free full Movie.

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Critic's response:

From tape Russian-American production could be expected different, but hardly anyone imagined that it would be fantastic dystopia on the topic of advertising dominance in the modern world and almost auteur cinema - in the worst sense of the word. That's honestly not even really understand where to start. Let's start with the prologue. It viewer reported that many smart people (on-screen list of smart people from Alexander the Great to the Young's) voice be heard, and that, in general, normal. Next, we see how in ordinary Soviet boy Misha running in the rain along the endless Soviet line, lightning strikes. Our days. Matured Misha (Stoppard), the capital of PR genius, advertises treshovy horror, ease podtyrivaya slogans classics, pulling for partnership boss (Tambor) - Russified American, at the dawn of democracy in Russia had recruited our hero spies - and had an affair with his niece (Sobieski), also a US citizen and begin prodyusershey. With the latter, in addition to the intimate, Misha and associated business relationships: the pair engaged in promotion of the TV show, in which the fatty charming by ten plastic surgeries in front of the audience will be transformed into a slender doe. At the same time somewhere "on a private island in Polynesia" aged marketing guru (Sydow) advises representatives fast food industry, which is experiencing hard times. Tip When this is something clearly illegal. Further events are developing rapidly: plump after surgery falls into a coma, the press turns the campaign against plastic and natural beauty (read - obesity), prodyusersha returned to America, Michael - previously brought to the chief of a heart attack - leaving the profession and removed spiritually reborn somewhere in the Russian hinterland. It can be said tie. ... There is some kind of award for a simple expression - and surprisingly rational, but after watching the tape of this fact is quite difficult to take internally - the idea of ​​the most hallucinogenic way, "Moscow 2017" would become the undisputed winner of it: if at first to its authors still there are any questions, as they say, in essence, an hour later, there is only one, and rhetorical - what substance helps to compose this funny story. If it is serious, just curious, what saw Jamie Bradshaw and Alexander Dulerayn (deputy director of TNT channel) your target audience, in other words - for whom the movie was made at all. On the one hand, pamper Western audience - mass Western audience - scare effects, artisanal which sticks out even in the trailers, and those who still comes to cinemas, hardly like to wade through the dashing "Moscow" absurdism. Russian same audience, in order to assess the merits of satirical tape - which she certainly have - should have a powerful immune to the good old chauvinistic trolling in the style of "all Russian men - anxious goats", "all Russian girls dress like a stripper," "the whole your country - one sucks made facade. " But most of all, of course, broken, those who go to the movies for action, drive, monsters - in short, everything that was promised trailers and misty synopses. If someone requires visual confirmation of the basic idea of ​​the film that marketing - the evil, and this must have something to do, then perhaps it is better not to find.

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