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Film Genre: Comedy Anime Family
Budget: $ 45 million
Country of Origin: United States, United Kingdom
Year of Release: 2000
Actors: Mel Gibson, Julia Zavala, Phil Daniels, Lynn Ferguson, Tony Haygarth, Jane Horrocks, Miranda Richardson, Timothy Spall, Imelda Staunton, Benjamin Whitrow
IMDB: 7.1

Life is colorful layers boring and sulfur - sit behind a fence in the house, bring eggs regularly, Cluj grain. Only Chicken Ginger can not sit still - every time she invents new ways to escape from prison, but every time it ends escape punishment in the box for coal. But one night Ginger becomes a witness of this miracle - the sky falls down on her flying rooster Rocky. If chickens learn to fly, they will easily be able to leave the prison of hatred! Meanwhile, the mistress of a poultry farm, Mrs. Tweedy decides that the eggs - it is not the best way to make a profit. She buys a monstrous machine whose input is fed the chickens, and the output obtained with chicken patties. Time to organize the shoot, there are fewer and fewer. With PsiMovie.Com you can download Chicken Run in HD free full Movie.

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