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Film Genre: Thriller Horror Science Fiction
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 2013
Director: Scott Charles Stewart
Operator: David Boyd
Actors: Keri Russell, Josh Hamilton, Dakota Goyo, JK Simmons, Kadan Rockett, L. Bennett, Rich Hatchmen, Mindy Crist, Annie Thurman, Jake Washburn
IMDB: 6.3

Mystical thriller. Strange things begin to happen in an ordinary family suburbanites. Electronic devices are turned off for no reason. Children everywhere are finding dead birds. In their home penetrate alien beings who for some reason watching the family. The more bizarre, mysterious things begin to happen in the house, the faster it becomes clear: the mysterious creatures who arrived from another planet in search of a new life, prey on children living in the house. Here you can download Dark Skies 1080p Full Free movie HD.

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Critic's response:

Thriller about a mysterious alien aliens crossing into a child's soul with strange and sinister purposes. Nostalgic greetings from the '80s, when they were popular UFO horror. Barretts - ordinary American family, a typical middle class. Lucy (Russell) - a real estate agent, her husband Daniel (Hamilton) - architect, designer, and they have two sons - teen Jess (Goyo, brightly played in "Living Steel") and his younger brother Sam (Roquette) boy six years . The family of a great relationship, the boys are very attached to each other, play astronauts, says senior junior bedtime stories on the radio. One night, Lucy discovers an open door to the garden, and on the kitchen floor strewn products. Probably someone from the children forgot to lock the door and climbed into the house of an animal, decide to adults. But the next night, there is something even more unusual - The products are composed of a strange pyramid. Police believes that it is only childish pranks. Daniel, meanwhile, worried about other problems: he had recently lost his job, and it will not take, and debts accumulated in the meantime. But he and Lucy will not be before the financial crisis - Sam behaves more and more strange, and in the home occur more frightening things. The film "Dark Skies" - a rare visitor in our screen, made in the genre of classical UFO suspense in which mystical component is replaced by fantastic. Tape, where there is the theme of evil space aliens, traditionally promise no salvation. Moreover, "the signs of destiny", similar to the signs of the game seem somewhat secondary. One attack birds, as regards Hitchcock suggests further follow the established canons. For example, references to Freudian fantasies of children, fearing her parents' divorce. At this point, and "comes something terrible." The house alarm system stops working, the camcorder turns off "the most interesting place", and cozy little world of white people begins to crumble. Caring neighbors complain accidents parents in juvenile justice agencies, exhausted unemployment father is torn between finding the money and pay for the psychiatrist's son, slipping in beating silly teenagers, and "something terrible is coming." And this is not good and Tee Spielberg is a mixture of evil "popular science" stories about UFO alien abduction people for unknown experiments - a theme in popular fiction thriller 80s of the last century. The main characters enter into a desperate struggle with the unknown evil, trying unsuccessfully to save his child. It is the lack of results is the worst thing in the "process" of Kafka. We can only accept, make cats, and if it is destined, then sent into space with the whole family. The filmmakers deliberately gone from sophisticated computer effects, it is more important than the essence, "horror without a gap." He never retreats.

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