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Film Genre: Drama Melodrama
Budget: 15,400,000 €
Country of Origin: Belgium, France
Year of Release: 2012
Director: Jacques Audiard
Screenwriter: Jacques Audiard, Tom Bidegen, Craig Davidson
Operator: Stephane Fontaine
Somposer: Alexandre Desplat
Actors: Marion Cotillard, Matthias Shonarts, Armand Verdure, Celine Sallett, Corina Masero, Bouley Lanners, Jean-Michel Correia, Murad Frarema Yannick Shuar, Fred Menou
IMDB: 7.5

Poignant drama about an unusual love. Former boxer Ali, who remain under the care of a little boy, arrives in the town of Antibes to my sister and her husband. Guard sitting in a nightclub, Ali met with Stephanie - girl trainee whales killer whales. As a result of the tragedy Stephanie is without legs, two outsiders meet again, this time - to help each other. The film "Rust and Bone" - the sixth film directed by Jacques Audiard and writer, member of the Cannes Film Festival in 2012. With help of this site you can download De rouille et d'os 1080p Full Free movie HD.

Stills from the De rouille et d'os:

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Critic's response:

Jacques Audiard picture, perhaps, that the true, unfeigned, absolute indifference able to work miracles. As in the recent "1 + 1", here goes a wheelchair and sitting in it is the complete opposite of the one who rolls her. Beauty and the proud Stephanie (Marion Cotillard) suffered because of an accident at his work rather exotic: lost both legs due to an unexpected antics of a trained killer whales. But because of the weird Ali (Matthias Shonarts), which strive for masteries in protection, the illegal fights, Stephanie gradually returned to a relatively normal life. Do not wait any melodrama, no common genre "of overcoming a happy ending." Ali does not help Stephanie - he does not help anyone, except his own son, pre tresnuv his head on the corner, and then nearly drowned accidentally in the ice pond. Ali does not like Stephanie, how does not like almost no one around. Ali could not care less, can be bent or Stephanie walk from melancholy in his new corner of a dark room, vzhavshis in a wheelchair. But Stephanie falls in love with Ali, clinging to him in the literal and figurative sense, wants to live again, to walk and to love, to love. Ali is not much different from animals that are so hard to get into the frame throughout the film. Eat, relax, have sex, cut the money, make sure that the little boy busy with something and will not interfere with his father - that's the whole life. Stephanie first appearance of little means, because it is so easy to agree to carry it to the sea, or go to bed with her, that she was for him no, and she has legs or not, is of no importance. The feeling that many people tend to develop the years, Ali has initially: he does not care, disabled people or not, because he do not care, it is equally indifferent to all. And just in time, when he realizes that Stephanie could be useful to him - as an agent in the Fight illegal business - it penetrates her feelings are still very far from love. Since most street cat allows themselves to be stroked and fed hearted old lady - she is warm life, and it provides normal grub. "Rust and Bone", despite a relatively happy ending (though with a threatening narration, threatens new hardships and injuries), looks in general extremely difficult. All of these play of light and shade light, gentle to vulgarity sound from one of the most hyped contemporary French composers make monstrous, rezchayshy contrast to the darkness that is actually happening on the screen: with broken bones persons and child abuse. Is it too for a history of indifference?