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Film Genre: Comedy Fantasy
Country of Origin: France
Year of Release: 2007
Director: James Huth
Screenwriter: Jean-Baptiste Andrea, James Huth, Sonia Shillito
Operator: Stephane Le Parc
Actors: Jean-Baptiste Monnier, Jennifer Decker, Benjamin Dzhangers, Vladimir Consigny, Edouard Collin, Baptiste Kyle Anais Demoustier, Judith Shemla, Quentin Grosse, Géraldine Martineau
IMDB: 5.1

Sid learns at the Sorbonne, although his family rather rather poor: his only mother, and his father abandoned them. Having met in their school Anji new girl, who came from New York, a boy loses his head from love. But the chances of it too little, because Sid is not even a mobile phone! Anji meets the coolest guy and a rich school, Sid, desperate, goes to the second hand store, where almost for nothing buys an old, broken cell phone. But in his hands the phone comes to life and even more so - begins to perform all the desires of a Man! Sid initially delighted with the purchase, but gradually realizes that the phone more and more begins to manage his life, because it is not a simple device, it - Devil's mobile phone! With help of this site you can download Hellphone in HD free full Movie.

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