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Film Genre: Drama
Country of Origin: France
Year of Release: 2012
Director: Leos Carax
Actors: Denis Lavant, Edith staples, Eva Mendes, Kylie Minogue, Alice Lomo, Jeanne Disson, Michel Piccoli, Leos Carax, Nastya Golubeva Carax, Jean-Francois Balme, Francois Rimbach, Reda Umuzun
IMDB: 7.1

Denis Lavant character is embodied in a man, the woman, the boy, the dying old man. He may be a beggar or a fabulous rich man, a rogue or decent family man. Hero of the film involved in the dangerous role-playing games, will throw other people's lives, he will hug other men's wives and children to kill other people's enemies. However, he fatally alone. Where his home, his family, that he is really the case? With help of this site you can download Holy Motors Full Free HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

New and fifth feature film cult director Leos Carax, has a pronounced visionary promise. The two-hour illustration of the inner world of a great artist. Monsieur Oscar (Laban) - a man seemingly without a certain occupation, travels to Paris in a white limousine and during the day replaces one mask after another. Turns in the impoverished beggar-old woman in an elegant man in tights, the extravagant homeless, the confident gentleman killer or dying ... For all this, is not the most logical and linear ranked actions should mysterious firm "Divine motors" in which the work is clearly immortal characters, leading the world in motion. Garage, where even limousines can talk at night. Leos Carax - Genius and Myth-maker, the young frequenter of Paris Cinematheque, who came to the cinema of pure sinefilstva. A favorite of critics of the French magazine "Cahiers du Cinema" early 80s, later reclusive and sullen outcast. He was silent for 13 years, since the collapse of "Floors X" note only short film and sporadic participation in the failed Russian project, the name of which there is no point lead. Was wound back and forth between Paris, Moscow and the Russian province, where he lived with the late wife, actress Katia Golubeva and daughter Nastya. And in rolling out its "divine engines" - the movie is not for everyone, as is the purest cinematic tsunami that knocked down the audience, accustomed to cinematic language, to formulate a contemporary Hollywood. Describe what is happening on the screen is extremely difficult. Set of images and metaphors bizarrely distorted on the screen; about by this method are arranged gel lamp - beautiful, but for someone senseless, and for someone is a whole world. To be brief, the story based on the dotted "engine" is the idea that everything in the world is subject to a ritual, a certain standard of living, one way or another reflected in the film. Here entirely for all clears Denis Lavant - alter ego of the director, his winning ticket and the way to the scaffold at the same time. Carax has repeatedly resorted to lavanovskoy uncompromising actor for visualization on the screen of its complex nature. Leos himself appears at the beginning of a just awakened man opening - literally - finger-door key to the cinema. In a world that is to be as utterly in love with the movie means and Love and Death. Who is really behind the "directing" Monsieur Oscar actions remains open. Everyone is free to invent it myself.

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