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Film Genre: Drama Thriller Detective
Country of Origin: South Korea
Year of Release: 2012
Director: Ha Yu
Screenwriter: Ha Yu, Asa Nonae
Operator: Pon Hong Zhe
Actors: Song Kang-Ho, Li Na Yong, Yang Ying-ho Chung Ying Ki, Jeong Jin, Yang Jin Jo, Lee Min Ho, Lee Sungmin, Nam Bo Ra Shin Jeong Geun
IMDB: 6.2

San Kil, a professional police detective with a lot of experience, and Yang Yong, a young girl, the police still absolutely no experience in this area, are investigating a series of bloody murders. The murderer showed up recently, but the whole city is already on the ears. The fact that the bodies of victims found bites some wild animal. In fairness it should be noted: this is the Yan Yong realizes that lunatic who wanted by the police - not a man ... The world premiere of the film "The Howling" was held in February 2012. With help of this site you can download Howling in HD free full Movie.

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