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Film Genre: Comedy Family
Country of Origin: Germany
Year of Release: 2013
IMDB: 5.5

Continued romantic comedy with Thiel Schweiger. Henry - formerly known womanizer. However, it's time to forget about the old habits and become a family man diligent. Children, ex-husband of Catherine's Tristan with his attractive girlfriend, a young nurse, hysterical director of the studio - all they turn life into a series of Henry funny, sometimes embarrassing situations. How to find time at all and at the same time overcome instincts, because there are so many temptations. "Seducer 2" - the fourth film in which Til Schweiger plays along with their daughters, Emma and Moon. With help of this site you can download Kokowaah 2 Full Free HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

Crap one's pants baby, sex socks, lusty, killed the cat - and all this for the sake of the iPhone. Well the truth is, it could be assumed that Emma Schweiger did not have enough money to, say, an iPhone, and her loving dad Thiel offered her to play in the continuation of "seducer." Just shoot other causes second movie about a womanizer Henry and his daughter smartest but gone-commercial, was not. Especially considering the fact that there are already a couple of "Krasavchikov." As it turned out, the assumption of the iPhone far from the truth: the film begins with the fact that the grown Magdalena (Schweiger-daughter) gets a birthday two bikes, even though waiting for - well, brand new gadget. The first story is about the adventures of Henry (Schweiger father) over something like: Schweiger barely managed razrulit insane situation with an illegitimate child, a deceived husband, crazy mama and a new passion. The second "seducer" like starting almost from scratch: milf finally disappeared from the horizon, and the husband of the tragic character (for many years brought someone else's child) turned into a comic (his young mistress). Daughter Magdalena grew up and fell in love, and Katarina (PASS) - threw village bore and angry. All is good, but a cute attractive face shvaygerovskoy daughter can no longer draw on himself the whole story. Girl grimaces in good faith in the same way as in 2010, and this is boring. Jokes that Schweiger tried to fertilize his picture to the maximum, unusually nationality, if the expression "German humor" is understood as heavy as a toolbox plumbing, jokes and gags set. Here and ridiculous attempt to make fun of auteur cinema, and the sighting of cocoa child and laughter over sexual midlife crisis, and shot the innocent cat - everything points to the fact that Emma Schweiger iPhone was just desperately need. The plot is still very ornate, but the result is reduced only to a new set of temptations, by which Henry should be proud to go to get back their love and family. Romantic comedy with Til Schweiger are frighteningly similar to each other, and all the "handsome" and "seducers" cling to him as repi. "Guardian Angel" may help, but not for long.

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