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Film Genre: Melodrama Fantasy
Budget: 33 million €
Country of Origin: Germany, France
Year of Release: 2014
Director: Christophe Gans
Screenwriter: Christophe Gans, Sandra In An
Operator: Christophe Bokarn
Somposer: Pierre Adeno
Actors: Léa Seydoux, Vincent Cassel, Andre Dussollier, Eduardo Noriega, Miriam Sharlens, Audrey Lamy, Sarah Giraudoux, Jonathan Demurzhe, Nicolas Gob, Luke Melyava
IMDB: 6.5

Fairy tale romance, familiar from childhood. The daughter of a merchant, the brave and courageous Belle is sent to the castle monsters to save the life of his father. Once inside the castle, Belle gets into another world of magic, fantastic adventures and mysterious melancholy. It turns out that terrified the whole neighborhood is very unhappy monster, but in his chest beats a good heart. Belle increasingly gets sympathy for his terrible master. Thanks to the passionate heart and courage, she overcomes all the dangers to remove the sinister fascination with monsters. But this will happen only if it can fall in love with a beautiful girl. The film "Beauty and the Beast" is based on the fairy tale by Jeanne-Marie De Beaumont Leprens. With PsiMovie.Com you can download La belle la bete Free Full Movie in HD.

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Critic's response:

Screen version of a textbook tales from Hans Christoph proves that miracles still happen. Bankrupt merchant (Andre Dussollier) accidentally falls into a mysterious castle, where he finds treasure chest. At the last moment, when it seems that the case has already been done and can be cleaned back home, he plucks the most beautiful flower in the garden, what angers host Monster (Vincent Cassel), threatened to kill the entire family of a stranger, if he does not return himself or send instead of themselves youngest daughter, for which it was designed beautiful flower. Once home, the merchant is trying to hide the truth from Belle (Léa Seydoux), but to no avail. Girl comes to the castle Monsters, where she will spend the rest of his life ... The classic tale of the French writer Jeanne-Marie de Beaumont Leprens to film more than a dozen times, which is not surprising. Textbook story of how true love can turn into a horrible monster handsome prince is full of different meanings, which, if desired, can be interpreted in the range of a carefree musical to full horror. Material allows. French director Christophe Gans, always knew how to "make nice", I decided not to look in the tale of the second floor, and the most authentic text to move the source to the screen (which is not easy, given the appearance and the fate of the protagonist). His "Beauty and the Beast" - is primarily a tasteful tell a story juggles familiar themes and conclusions that are capable of even 12-year-old. Hans managed to find a middle ground between form and content, when really neat special effects do not set off and not overshadow everything else, and are only part of the story. When one of your first film viewer knows how it ends, inducing extra intrigue to anything. It is only necessary to stay on a given pace yourself. And Hans not break. Genre kinoskazki now out of favor. Ball is ruled comics. In this sense, the French film adaptation - a breath of fresh air, which make the audience helped talented and caring people.

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