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Download Las brujas de Zugarramurdi Free

Download Las brujas de Zugarramurdi free movie

Film Genre: Comedy Adventure Fantasy
Country of Origin: Spain, France
Year of Release: 2013
Director: Alex de la Iglesia
Screenwriter: Alex de la Iglesia, Jorge Gerrikechevarriya
Operator: Kiko de la Rica
Actors: Javier Boteti, Mario Casas, Santiago Segura, Carolina Bang, Hugo Silva, Carmen Maura, Macarena Gomez, Carlos Areces, Enrique Villena, Terele Pávez, María Barranco
IMDB: 6.3

Horror-comedy from director Alex de la Iglesia. If in your personal life is no happiness, and money in your wallet - it's time to rob a jewelry store. It is this decision is made by a group of desperate guys headed by divorced Jose, which has to bring to the case of 8-year old son. Escaping from the police, the boys get into the legendary village of Zugarramurdi, where witches live - dangerous, but very sexy. They need everything: gold rings, and body and soul hot guests. The task of the characters is simple - get-away from the black spot. To do this, try not to fall in love with its occupants. The plot of the film "Witching & Bitching" based on a true story that occurred in the village of Zugarramurdi in the early 17th century. Here you can download Las brujas de Zugarramurdi 1080p Full Free movie HD.

Stills from the Las brujas de Zugarramurdi:

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Critic's response:

Phantasmagoric Spanish comedy horror, not so much scary as full ridiculously nasty characters predominantly female. Couple of young misfits, Jose (Hugo Silva) and Tony (Mario Casas), decided to rob a pawnshop, disguised as street actors depicting Christ and the plastic soldier, respectively. Jose also took over the work of his young son, because after the divorce became "Sunday dad" and this is his turn to spend time with the child. Pursued by the police, the hapless robbers took a taxi with a taxi driver, and rush to the French border. Staying overnight in the Basque village of Zugarramurdi, they are captured by an insidious witch man-hater who are living here since the Middle Ages. Witch-feminists are going to eat men and boys to sacrifice their goddess - sickening essentially the size of a giant troll and hypertrophied sexual characteristics. In the process of sacrifice goddess swallows the child, passes it through the esophagus (the process graphically, but rather schematically shows viewers) and released unharmed through the anus. Witches beat in ecstasy, guys are trying to save the boy and saved themselves, followed by two detectives chased by an angry ex-wife and Jose. Alex de la Iglesia clearly did not Spanish "The Witches of Eastwick" and a very peculiar product, or sexist kinomanifest, or a parody of it. Most, of course, the latter because the picture is very colorful and exuberant and details on events and comedy of the absurd, by no means, it must be said, is not sophisticated, but are capable of inflicting Slap public taste. Heroes behave like idiots rare, worthy of the American teen comedy, but absolutely fabulous circumstances in which they find themselves, given to proceeding view more tricked delirium. And too delusional movie viewer we do not like. So it is necessary to pay tribute to Mario Casas: to play in a film like this lout ridiculous - this is a very bold move for his role of the popular young hero-lover.

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