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Film Genre: Melodrama Comedy Fantasy
Budget: $ 17 million
Country of Origin: USA, Spain
Year of Release: 2011
Director: Woody Allen
Somposer: Stefan Rembel
IMDB: 7.7

Gil Pender (Owen Wilson), a naive Hollywood writer who dreams of a bohemian life in the capital of France 20's and there is quite mysteriously. Arriving in Paris with his fiancée, he leaves her at the hotel, and he goes for a walk through the city. And then the fun happens - Gil gets into the past. The hero meets with their idols: Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Dali, Bunuel, and even have it checked the manuscript of his novel to Gertrude Stein. Walking through the night Paris and meetings with celebrities of the last century to include the Gila habit. The city lives by its own laws and hospitably opens before the young romantic its doors. Here you can download Midnight in Paris 1080p Full Free movie HD.

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Critic's response:

Owen Wilson travels to Paris and moves in time, Carla Bruni talks about Rodin and Mariyon Cotillard sleeps with Picasso ... Woody Allen once again in his element - connects the idols of the past and present stars, ironically and takes great movie. Gil (Owen Wilson) earns scripts in Hollywood, planning a wedding with a gorgeous blonde (Rachel McAdams), but the most seditious, instead of at home in Malibu, dreams of a loft in Montmartre and career serious writer. He went to Paris with his fiancee and her respectable parents, and get lost on the way to the hotel is in oldkare sample, the commercials in 1925, which brings him to Paris ... the 20s. Gil Scott Fitzgerald drinks, listening to Cole Porter, met with Hemingway, like mad with Djuna Barnes, looking at all the wild eyes and finally realizes that it is not in the amount of alcohol consumed cocktails. Returning to the present, he plans to recapture a wonderful oldkar and show the manuscript of his book, Gertrude Stein, and generally have fun at glory with the Surrealists, modernists and cocaine, dancing the Charleston and chatted about art, which had not yet been recognized as a great. Allen manages the famous Parisian bohemians like old friends - without further ado, but with a great deal of irony. About the same as with the stars of world scale, which he is able to bring to the public free of Hollywood glitz, remember that they are - actors, and learn to laugh at yourself. And he does it with a palpable pleasure. So even clear who rejoiced more hilarious Dali Adrien Brody - the director himself or his audience giggling. "Midnight in Paris" - a film-fun from the first word to the last frame. Pleasure is not for the elite and not for idiots - simple human. It's nice to laugh at jokes like, "You - the Surrealists, and I'm a normal guy." It's nice to know Picasso and Josephine Baker and wife of the French president as a girl guide at the Museum Rodin. And how pleasant town in which you can shoot with the same success as the 2010s and 1920s ... Do you love Paris as his love Woody Allen? Do you inspire Gertrude Stein, Fitzgerald, Hemingway and Cole Porter as they inspire him? In general, if "A Moveable Feast" and Let's Do It, Let's Fall in Love - for you to empty sound, all the charm of "Midnight in Paris" you will not feel it. However, it will still be extremely ironic, romantic and perfect in every way a movie that nostalgic for the past, you risk missing out on something important in the present - as, indeed, and that miracles happen. Well, of course - about life, Allen in this great expert.

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