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Film Genre: Drama Action Crime
Country of Origin: / 2013
Year of Release: 2013
Director: Michael Noer
Screenwriter: Michael Noer, Rasmus Heysterberg
Actors: Gustav Dyueker GIS Oscar Dyueker GIS Lene Maria Christensen, Nicholas Kidd Westwood, Roland Müller, Dulfi al-Jabour, Clement Black Petersen
IMDB: 6.9

18-year-old Casper lives in the north-west of Copenhagen with his mother, younger brother and a little sister. To make ends meet, he, along with his friend Robin commits petty theft from their homes by selling stolen local bandits Jamal. After meeting with Bjorn, one of the leaders of organized crime, Casper agrees to work for him to climb to the next level in the hierarchy of the criminal world. At first, everything goes smoothly until Jamal and the gang decide not to take revenge on him, seeing his departure as a betrayal. With help of this site you can download Nordvest 720p Free Full HD Movie.

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