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He's a cop. It's a dirty job ... but somebody's got to take out the garbage.

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Film Genre: Drama Thriller Action Crime
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 1991
Director: John Flynn
Operator: Ric Waite
Actors: Steven Seagal, William Forsythe, Jerry Orbach, Jo Champa, Sherin Mitchell, Sal Richards, Gina Gershon, Jay Acovone, Nick Corelli, Robert LaSardo
IMDB: 5.9

Gino Felino - cop from Brooklyn, along with his partner Bobby Lupo during the investigation of the drugs interfere with the disassembly of a pimp and his ward. As a result, offended Richie Madan mafia kills Bobby in front of his family. Gino, who lost not only a partner, but also a childhood friend, decides in order to take revenge at any cost Richie. In the name of justice, he begins to hunt, in which there is no place letter of the law, but only a blind desire for revenge. On the streets of Brooklyn turns bloody war between police and drug traffickers. Here you can download Out for Justice 720p Free Full HD Movie.

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