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Film Genre: Thriller Horror Fantasy
Budget: $ 42 million
Country of Origin: USA, Canada
Year of Release: 2011
Director: Catherine Hardwicke
Actors: Amanda Seyfried, Lukas Haas, Gary Oldman, Billy Burke, Shiloh Fernandez, Max Irons, Virginia Madsen, Julie Christie, Sean Kane, Michael Hogan
IMDB: 5.4

Valerie lives in a small village of Daggerhorn, meets with Peter and lumberjack is going to marry him. But her parents have other plans for the daughter - she should go in payment of debt the father to the son of a wealthy blacksmith. Valerie is going to avoid a similar fate and prepares escape with her beloved, but this time on the village makes a werewolf attack. Attempts to kill the wolf only lead to another human victims. And Valerie opens at strange feature - she understands speech werewolf. And to solve this riddle, she puts on a raincoat, presented his grandmother, and goes to visit her as the real Little Red Riding Hood - after the terrible forest. With help of this site you can download Red Riding Hood Full Free HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

Young beauty Valerie (Amanda Seyfried) lives in an unusually picturesque mountain area with an amazing climate, flora and fauna. The village is home to Valerie, a rich harvest do not understand what is laid not understand where amazingly symmetrical stack, decorating the top with fresh flowers. Once the cleaning is finished, starts fell quite winter snow and the village attacked by mutant wolf and kills his sister Valerie. Forgetting about the rotting stacks, peyzane go hunting, lose another village, and the wolf kill, but not so. To help local city comes, according to the purple dress and a cross on his stomach - at least bishop, named Solomon. It's not the strange fact in his biography. Worse is that a Catholic bishop have children, and he did this not embarrassed probably because it plays an impermeable Gary Oldman. Surround the Holy Father almost entirely negros, many of whom clapped Teutonic helmets. Solomon came to the iron elephant, and for which he elephant - you better not yet know. Residents begin to feel that the wolf mutant - not the worst thing that could happen to their village. Valerie, in the meantime, as a stray, is torn between rich and handsome blacksmith Henry and cute and poor woodcutter Peter. She loves Peter, but from Henry takes courtship and gifts, especially that "rich village blacksmith" - the type of person, remarkable in itself. A feeling that Catherine Hardwicke collected scraps left over from a successful film adaptation of the first "Twilight" and offended by the fact that these parts are not entrusted to shoot her, shoved all this tripe in his new film - "Little Red Riding Hood." Even Bella's dad called - now the role of the pope Valerie. Painfully familiar scenes of innocent teenage pleasures in nature (flowers, hay, pine trees, mountains) and a clear confrontation between the two beauties competing for the heart of one, is clearly not the most prominent, the girls exacerbate impression. But "Twilight" were just a bad adaptation of a good book. But "Red Riding Hood" with its claim to intellectual eclecticism, with an attempt to create a creepy medieval atmosphere, but stay in the fabulous framework (which are only peasant clothing, as if copied from Disney's Snow White), suffers a complete collapse. Rich material, which even in this mediocre scripts viewed allusion to the "Name of the Rose" and "Twin Peaks" hopelessly flawed. Help unless lumberjacks.

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