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Film Genre: Comedy Animated Musical Family
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Year of Release: 2013
Actors: Martin Freeman, Tim Curry, Tim Conway, Ashley Tisdale, Xavier Alkan, Chris Barrie, Noel Clarke, Joan Collins, Rebecca Ferdinando, Pam Ferris
IMDB: 5.5

Family cartoon. Elf Bernard very nice, smart, but slightly frivolous. It will have an exciting but very dangerous adventure. Angry general tries to kidnap Santa and his time machine, which can move in different eras. His goal - to Santa could no longer come to the children, and that the New Year will never come. Bernard will have to move in time to fight with the evil General, to stop his army to save the New Year and become a hero! "Save Santa" - the first animated feature film directors Leon Juice and Aaron Silman. With PsiMovie.Com you can download Saving Santa 720p Free Full HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

Angry head sluggishness postal service kidnaps Santa Claus in order to find out the secret of delivering presents in one night. Unlucky Elf Santa hurry inventor for help using a time machine. Elf Bernard works superintendent deer, but in his heart he - the inventor. His dream - to finally create a Christmas miracle device, which would take to produce a powerful innovative corporation "Santeh" in which elves advanced techniques to create the magic of Santa Claus. Unfortunately, the last New Year presentation Bernard ended in confusion. This time he brings a device capable to recreate the best New Year remembering. Amazing effect causes a considerable stir at first, but because of the short-circuit power cuts and poor Bernard again ignominiously put out. But it's not so bad - as a result of short-term residence disable security systems Santa calculated Baddington - mannered heir postal Empire who dreams to find out the secret of delivering presents in one night. Villain takes Santa Claus as a hostage, and Bernard sent him to the rescue with the help of a time machine, which turns out to be equipped with a sledge Christmas grandfather. One of the first in 2013, the traditional Christmas cartoons for kids. The entire set of Christmas party at your service - funny elves speaking (although originally) deer, evil enemies of the main holiday of the year and exciting action to save it. There just are not invented stories on this topic! This time it's all about time machines and traditional paradoxes such a scenario like the protagonist meeting with yourself in the past. Of course, the characters with the "rubber" bodies, created with the help of computer animation may not be to everyone's taste, but "Save Santa" distinguish cute characters, a fascinating story and a good New Year's humor. Especially failed image Bernard - certainly many of us have like a friend or acquaintance, which it is impossible not to love.

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