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Film Genre: Animated Adventure
Country of Origin: Malaysia
Year of Release: 2011
Director: Go Aung Hohe
Actors: Steven Bone, Colin Chong Chi-Ren Chun, Jason Kott, Kenny Dole, Amelia Henderson, Diong Chae Lian, Christina Orou Ramona Rahman
IMDB: 4.4

The unique design of the animation group «Silver Ant», which the artists before the draw cartoon spent a year and a half to study the behavior of fish and animals Kalimantan you to enjoy the spectacular scenery and colorful characters and mega project "Marine Brigade." In the underwater world of unprecedented event - the poachers stole fry shark PEPA! The enraged father rushes to find their children. The entire ocean from plankton to whales, with bated breath, watching a dangerous adventure bamboo shark PEPA and his faithful friend Julius. Already made bets on the outcome of the final battle between humans and treacherous sea predators. With help of this site you can download Seafood Full Free HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

The Malaysian version of the animated story about a charming fishes with sharp teeth. Bamboo Shark Pat and his friend the great white shark Julius witness abduction divers-poaching shark eggs (which, by the way, a great delicacy). However, this criminal interference in people's lives under water is not limited to - the coral reef pollutes, as usual, a nearby factory. In general, the offended sharks simply have no choice but to perform an action that is comparable in importance with the landing of man on the moon. Pat and Julius ... slopped onto the land. Helps them in this inventive octopus Paul (here and so Malaysian multiples paid tribute to the late German predictor). Fish on earth - the main feature, which bet the creators of the cartoon. In addition to this original idea, "Marine Brigade" There is nothing original. And if you looked long enough, "fish" multhity "Finding Nemo" and "Shark Tale" to remember them in general terms, the deja vu is assured. The protagonist - a gift that belongs to a different class, and how shall I put it, the weight category than coral fish Nemo - painfully reminds him. However, aquatic adventures on land give rise to quite good jokes and funny situations, so that young generation of viewers will be completely satisfied, especially because until next week, when the box starts the long-awaited "Puss in Boots", watch movies in this age group practically nothing. Incidentally, "Marine Brigade" - the first feature animation project known studio Silver Ant, which specializes in video games. And that - I could get a good quest ...

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