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Film Genre: Drama Melodrama Comedy
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Year of Release: 2010
Director: Stephen Frears
Screenwriter: Moira Buffini, Posy Simmonds
Operator: Ben Davis
Actors: Gemma Arterton, Luke Evans, Dominic Cooper, Roger Allam, Bill Camp, Tamsin Greg, Jessica Barden, Charlotte Christie, James Naughtie, John Bett
IMDB: 6.2

Attractive Tamara arrives in a small village that was once for her home. But few of the old people can find it, because thanks to several plastic surgeries Tamara from nondescript maiden transformed beyond recognition. Of the locals here are mostly inhabited by writers who have faithfully big problems, and many do live alone. Tamara herself would not mind a dip in the old past - to return to her beloved Andy. But a chance encounter with drummer popular group changes not only plans Tamara Drewe, but her life ... With help of this site you can download Tamara Drewe in HD free full Movie.

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Critic's response:

In the quiet English village of Beth Hardiment (Tamsin Grieg from «Black Books») successfully contain environmentally-clean guesthouse for writers losers: working in the garden, milking cows, bake biscuits, throws ideas particularly needy guests and otherwise taking care of her husband, also a writer. Andy, a local farmer ruined (Luke Evans), helps her with the housework and entertaining guests. Husband, Nicholas Hardiment (Roger Ellem), successfully lying to his wife and his mistress, does not tolerate cows and gently released from a book a year. Travellers who write in that much, eat biscuits and conduct a variety of literary conversation. Somewhere on the side of this little world there are two high school student dreaming to lose her virginity with the drummer of the popular rock band (Dominic Cooper). Writers, farmers, cows, schoolgirls and drummers are involved in one big circle with the advent of Tamara Drew (Gemma Arterton). Renowned expert on English history confusing Stephen Frears took "Tamara Drewe" on comics Posey Simmonds. That, in turn, is redrawn in a modern way the English classic novel by Thomas Hardy's "Far from the Madding Crowd". That is the phrase chosen to attract guests Beth Hardiment as an advertising slogan. And the phrase triggered, leading to the boarding house of the American intellectual, hatched a book on Hardy and outflow brain around his continuous talking about it. Such multi-layered with lots of interesting small parts - a real feast for the amateur slozhnosochinennye dishes. And he Frears, quite obviously well had fun during the filming. Gemma Arterton nosed, cows, as equal participants of the action, two incredible girls fools "little drummer" innocent rural scenes, label English-liners, the main characters are thrown on different sides of the same coin, and a bunch of colorful assorted writers as a background - can not say that "Tamara" turned quite compelling, but look at it with pleasure turns very easily.

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