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Once in ... There's no way out.

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Film Genre: Drama Thriller Historical Crime
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 2011
Director: Amy Canaan Mann
Actors: Sam Worthington, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Chloe Grace Moretz, Corey Berkmeyer, Trenton Perez Maureen Brennan Tony Bentley Becky Flew, Stephen Graham, Jessica Chastain, Jason Clarke
IMDB: 5.7

In Texas, is a series of mysterious murders. To put an end to a bloody nightmare, which oppresses the entire state, Texas investigator joins forces with an experienced New York detective. In the center of the plot - two detectives, one local Texan Mike Souder (Sam Worthington), the second - who moved from New York Brian Haig (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Heroes in a pair of investigating mysterious murders of victims found on the killing fields. The difficulty is that the scene of the crime as such, no: all the victims of criminals are brought from other places and just dump in Texas - hence the name of the killing fields of this area. Suddenly, investigators detectives turn themselves into victims: the criminals begin to play with them in a cat-and-mouse, palming the evidence and harassing phone calls from the dead. When they kidnap a local girl Anne (Chloe Moretz), Souder Hay and go to great lengths to find her. With PsiMovie.Com you can download Texas Killing Fields Full Free HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

Based on a true story the film, where, apparently, there is absolutely everything that a successful hire, what to feed the critics. From "fields" could turn out fine example nezivisimogo movies with professional actor's work, and a thrilling story. In the deep backwoods Texas two detectives investigating the murder of young women regularly, and at the same time help a colleague to find the missing girl recently, believing that all these incidents are linked. Simultaneously, Detective Brian Haig (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is trying to take care of Anne (Chloe Moretz), svetlokudruyu a teenage girl from a dysfunctional family, and Detective Mike Souder (Sam Worthington) - a little understanding of the relationship with his ex-wife (Jessica Chastain), also working in police . On the detection and prevention of crime is not affected, so the "killing fields", which stretch around the city again and again presented detectives surprises. Place, to be sure, gloomy, hopeless and bleak bleak. There's a blazing sun, burning whole trees or gushing rain, washing away the evidence. Not to become a drug addict, prostitute, or both, and the other at the same time, a local woman, it seems, is two choices: go to work in the police or die. Men here too as the selection: completely pimps, crooks, maniacs or, as you might guess, the police. But the underlying sadness that all this thick chernushnye atmosphere arising from the general distress, need to invent your own. The producer's work does not promote in any way. "Fields" - a spectacle so sluggish, uninteresting and pretentious-independent in the worst sense of the word, that wait for isolation and calculating killer (though who he was, more or less clear from the beginning) simply may not have enough patience. Small revival suddenly makes, oddly enough, Sheryl Lee in the role of mother Ann; enough to remember who she played in "Twin Peaks", and think about why she was so lucky to have a picture with a bunch of women's bodies. But by the "Fields" is not irrelevant.

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