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Film Genre: Thriller Horror
Country of Origin: Russia, United States
Year of Release: 2013
Director: Renny Harlin
Screenwriter: Vikram Wit, Andy Briggs
Operator: Denis Alarcon Ramirez
Actors: Gemma Atkinson, Richard Reid, Matt Stokou, Holly Goss, Ryan Hawley, Luke Albright, Anastasia Burdin Nikolai Butenin, Valery F., Nelly Nielsen

Supernatural thriller based on real events that occurred in the Urals in 1959. A group of nine experienced hikers led by Igor Dyatlov student went on a ski trip, but at the end point and not announced - all members of the expedition died under strange circumstances. So far, no clear explanation of the tragedy half a century ago no. In 2012, a group of American students, the university received a grant goes to the Ural Mountains along the same route as the group Dyatlova to try to unravel the cause of the mysterious death of Soviet skiers. Here you can download The Dyatlov Pass Incident 720p Free Full HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

Ural hospitality incredible: tourists, to check in for a week to stay here forever. Cheerful company of American students, fascinated by the history of the band Dyatlov, goes to the Urals to the route of the group and recreate the picture of her death. They manage it very well, especially the latter. It is known that in 1959 a group of tourists led by Igor Dyatlov went to a ski trip to the mountains and disappeared. During the search were found the bodies of all the participants of this journey, the dead, according to the official version of hypothermia. Nevertheless, this story is a lot of controversy and dark spots, which at different times gave reason to suspect the military, prisoners, aliens and yetis. But the movie Renny Harlin (the second "Die Hard," "Mindhunters") outdid every imaginable version again. Looking infomercial, prepare for the worst: again trembling in the hands of the camera operator, plus shooting on the phone, all of this imaginary documentary. Feelest running around and scream in darkness, and by the end of paintings expectations are fully met. But, oddly enough, this story does not tire the eyes, drags and does not get bored, especially if you look at the screen carefully: there sometimes skips (literally) hints at the future interchange. Russian reality that faced the Americans, in the Ural harsh: it begins with a second-class carriage, continues moonshine and icicles monstrous proportions, and ends with a scene in the best traditions of the Cold War. In an attempt to explain the mysterious death of group of Dyatlov and all discrepancies official conclusion Harlin connect the unconnected things, recalling both the Philadelphia Experiment 1943 film "The Descent", piling possible versions (do not forget about the Yeti!) One another. To the end, parrots and torment rather unpleasant scenes, elegantly taxied to the absolutely fantastic, but a universal explanation. Which gives let the wild, but a clear answer to all the questions of the case Dyatlov.

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