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Film Genre: Drama Science Fiction
Budget: $ 50 million
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 2014
Director: Phillip Noyce
Screenwriter: Michael Mitnick, Robert B. Weide
Operator: Ross Emery
Somposer: Marco Beltrami
Actors: Brenton Thwaites, Meryl Streep, Jeff Bridges, Alexander Skarsgard, Katie Holmes, Taylor Swift, Cameron Monaghan, Oday Rush, Emma Tremblay, Alexander Gillings
IMDB: 6.6

Fantastic drama about a "bright" future. Young Jonas lives in a perfect maximum civilized society of the future, where there are no more wars, pain, suffering, joy, memories. For each member is defined ideal order of existence, and now no one has to choose a move thought, color - everything is uniquely gray. By decision of the Board of the Company Jonas is appointed by the Custodian of memory that he should learn from teachers on behalf of the Giver. The young man opened the truth about the real world, and now he faces a choice between life and death. The film "Dedication" is based on the novel by Lois Lowry. With help of this site you can download The Giver Free Full Movie in HD.

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Critic's response:

Another Hollywood dystopia about sverhtotalitarnoe society in which chemistry is controlled by a human emotions. Instructive, although somewhat secondary story. After the mass riots that led to the Civil War, the United States finally managed to achieve stability. Since the cause of all the problems was that people relying on emotions, too often mistaken in their choice, a decision with the help of chemicals to suppress beyond the display rules the mind and the brain simultaneously broadcast illusory picture prosperous world. Authorities called it "a society of harmony." A side effect of the drug is color blindness - all the inhabitants of the surrounding countries see only in black and white. In this "brave new world" there is no place for war, violence, hatred, class, racial and religious prejudices. And of course, political correctness prevails - even death now should be called "care in another place." A young man named Jonas (Brenton Thwaites), showed commendable ability, elected by the Council for a unique work - it should be the successor to the Initiate, Privy Councillor government. Dedicated to the current (Jeff Bridges) opens Jonas amazing things. It turns out that the world of color, not black and white, and experience emotions - is neither an incomparable happiness. But this knowledge available can be only dedicated to that for the good of the people are obliged to conceal them. But Initiate goes to an extensive library - the usual same people about the existence of the books do not even know. However, Jonas does not have a sad life experience of the older generation, decides to share emotions with his girlfriend. American dystopia about sverhtotalitarnye society in which different methods not only suppressed dissent, but inakochuvstvovanie and even the perception of reality as a whole, the recent years came into vogue. Suffice it to recall such famous films as "Equilibrium", "The Hunger Games", "divergents", "The Maze Runner", "Ender's Game" and others. However, the "Dedication" (originally "The Giver") is not in the number of projects, exploiting other people's stories - the picture based on the novel Lois Lowry, published in 1993. However, Lowry, of course, was a pioneer theme. Similar dystopia repeatedly appeared before, and in the Russian literature of the last century, even without the prefix "anti" communist-garde writers in all seriousness describe such societies as the ideal. But most probably curious could be called a satirical novel by Stanislaw Lem "Futurological Congress," where the public an illusion is created around them prosperity. Among classical kinoantiutopy this kind can not remember "Brazil" by Terry Gilliam. Unfortunately, the modern American dystopia will not have the high artistic level of the absurd and tragic high note as the last tape. "Dedication" - pretty standard teenage gunman, moderately pathetic, quite entertaining, though not abundant vivid special effects. The desire to show the world without emotion led to conflicting results - make it possible, but look boring. When actors even level Meryl Streep play so inexpressive impression is bleak. However, it is worth noting for a bold modern commercial teenage paintings decision to make the film in b / w and interesting work of artists lined up decorations in the spirit of 60's retro futurism.

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