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He did not resist temptation. He pursued it.

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Film Genre: Drama
Country of Origin: Australia, UK
Year of Release: 2004
Director: Laurence Dunmore
Operator: Alexander Melman
Actors: Johnny Depp, John Malkovich, Paul Ritter, Stanley Townsend, Francesca Annis, Rosamund Pike, Tom Hollander, Johnny Vegas, Richard Coyle, Thomas Burke
IMDB: 6.4

The life story of the famous English poet of the Restoration period, famous representative of libertinism, libertine and satirist, whose language did not spare any of the people around him, even the King, Count John Wilmot (Johnny Depp). Returning from another conclusion, after the loss of the location of the king, Wilmot appears at the premiere of the theater, where he became a witness to the failure of a young actress Elizabeth Barry. Join for a girl, so it becomes her patron and teacher of acting. Meanwhile, he has a chance to return the location of Charles II - Wilmot should write a play, raise the prestige of the monarch. Yet, Libertine can not go against his liking and create a masterpiece convicting vulgarity and sarcasm. With help of this site you can download The Libertine Full Free HD Movie.

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