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Film Genre: Drama Historical Adventure
Country of Origin: Germany
Year of Release: 2013
Director: Philip Shtёltsl
Operator: Hagen Bogdanski
Actors: Tom Paine, Stellan Skarsgard, Olivier Martinez, Emma Rigby, Ben Kingsley, Elias Embarek, Michael Gibson, Stanley Townsend, Michael Marcus Morgan, Fahri Ogun Yardim
IMDB: 7.3

Historical drama about a man who wanted to change everything. England XI century. Little Rob Cole losing his mother to a mysterious illness. Shaken to the core, he is in no matter what was seeking to unravel this mystery. Fate leads him from England to Persia, his teachers are first ordinary charlatan Barber, and then - great healer Avicenna. Wise teacher sees Rob extraordinary talent for medicine, but advises him not to rush to do things that do not correspond century. However, Rob wants only one thing - to learn how to save people from death. The film "The Physician" is based on the eponymous bestseller November Gordon. With PsiMovie.Com you can download The Physician 720p Free Full HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

Historical fantasy of the Middle Ages. The painting combines drama about love, adventure movie about the journey and cognitive reconstruction mores of the past, however, questionable reliability. Wooden town in medieval England, cold, dirt and poverty. Ten-year Rob Cole is living with a single mother who suddenly feels an attack of severe pain. Rob afternoon saw the square speech itinerant barber Barber (Stellan Skarsgard) who promises to cure any disease. The boy runs to him for help, but Barber ordinary charlatan who does that tooth can snatch. He knows the limit of their abilities and declares that the boy's mother is incurable. Unhappy woman dies, and relatives of the child left without waiting for semi-slave existence in a foster family. In desperation, Rob runs and despite the resistance of Barbera, hired him as an assistant. Years passed vagrancy, and harsh, but good-natured charlatan Rob raised as a son. Together, they have experienced a lot of adventures, mainly involving allegations of witchcraft. Once Barber felt that loses sight - in terms of the Middle Ages it means for him the end of life. But the young Cole (Tom Payne) meets a Jewish healer, which is taken to have an operation on his eyes. View of the old barber saved and Rob realizes that this medicine can be much greater than the claims and is able to Barber. Jewish doctor said that he had learned his art in the distant Persia, in the school's greatest physician Avicenna. And the young man embarks on a long journey in order to become a true healer. Because the Arabs do not like Christians and kill them immediately, Rob is forced to impersonate a Jew. Rare in our hire contemporary German cinema, gathered in Europe a good cashier. This is not surprising - people miss the classic cognitive historic cinema, without special effects and unbridled fervor. "The Physician" captivates quiet but fascinating narrative style, interesting details of medieval life (albeit for the most part and invented by the author), clear characters with clear goals. In addition to beautiful scenery, interesting depictions of European and Oriental medieval towns and morals, philosophy wise Avicenna and sightseeing tours in the history of medicine, the plot is decorated with quite a whirlwind romance the hero with a married woman, so that the film will be interesting to a wide audience.

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