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Film Genre: Drama Biography Sport
Budget: $ 25 million
Country of Origin: USA, New Zealand, Switzerland, Japan
Year of Release: 2005
Director: Roger Donaldson
Operator: David Gribble
Somposer: J. Peter Robinson
Actors: Anthony Hopkins, Iain Rea, Tessa Mitchell, Aaron Murphy, Tim Shedbolt, Annie Whittle, Greg Johnson, Anthony Starr, Kate Sullivan, Craig Hall, Charles Halford
IMDB: 7.9

The history of the legendary New Zealander Burt Monroe, spent many years in the improvement and modification of his motorcycle brand in 1920 Indian Scout. Burt Munro on it realized his dream: at the famous race held in the salt desert Bonneville Flats in the US state of Utah, he set several world speed records for streamlined motorcycle with an engine capacity of up to 1000 cubic centimeters in open spaces, which are not beaten so far . Here you can download The Worlds Fastest Indian 1080p Full Free movie HD.

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Critic's response:

The protagonist Burt Munro (Anthony Hopkins) says about this boy-neighbor. But it is not just pretentious moralizing survivor of crazy old man, he was on his own example proves that a dream is what makes life worth living. This biographical drama directed by Roger Donaldson, familiar from the films "Dante's Peak" and "The Recruit". The team worked on the film, made what we have long forgotten - they showed us how exciting can be life itself. Viewer in recent years become accustomed to cheap kinozhvachke. And movies have long been valued for the game not an actor, but in computer special effects. Closeups with senile teary-eyed Bertha, with a mesh of wrinkles on the face and fingers, trembling hands, grind another detail - all this at first intimidating. It seems that you come to something slow and tedious. The narrative is indeed a slow and some chamber. It even seems that it is better to watch this film at home to light feelings do not knock on neighbors cinemas. Munro lives with the idea to go to the races in the salt desert Bonneville Flats in the US state of Utah. Day after day he wrote a plum in the yard, talking with a neighbor boy, but diligently to improve his motorcycle brand "Indian" 1920 release (the maximum speed - 58 miles / h). The starting point for the beginning of the journey Bertha becomes a heart attack. And if the rest of the old men came out of the hospital, beginning in every way to protect yourself from the outside world, the Munro understands that this is his last chance to set the record speed. The film, in general, is dedicated to this path of an old man from New Zealand halfway across the world. History is made up of several meetings with people who often help to get out of trouble. Open, albeit unhealthy, the elderly person has a heart to him and a gang of bikers and sailors, and Man-trensvestita and old Indian, and single elderly lady and soldier, who arrived home on leave from Vietnam. The fact that he became acquainted with each counter - no exaggeration. After a brief communication desire of men to shake his hand and pat on the shoulder, and women - to drag in bed - and it looks like a matter of course. Munro shows already well forgotten by modern man the will to succeed - not over the heads of others, and with the help of dozens of supporting friendly hands. It should learn.