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Film Genre: Thriller Action Adventure Science Fiction
Budget: $ 150 million
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 2009
Director: Gavin Hood
Screenwriter: Skip Woods, David Benioff
Operator: Donald McAlpine
Somposer: Harry Gregson-Williams
Actors: Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber, Danny Huston, Will I Am, Lynn Collins, Kevin Durand, Dominic Monaghan, Taylor Kitsch, Ryan Reynolds, Daniel Henney, Edeleyd Clemens
IMDB: 6.7

Hugh Jackman once again appears in his starring role - Wolverine, the mutant has an amazing ability to heal itself, pull the nails and animal fury. The film tells the story of a frenzied and romantic past clawed superhero. The new part of the fantastic saga tells of Wolverine who was to meet with the team of X-Men. Their amazing ability he discovered as a boy in 1845. Together with the half-brother Victor Creed, also has supernatural powers, he ran away from home after his father's death. Relationship brothers were complex, but they have been through a lot of tests, in particular, took part in the world wars at the turn of the century. For participation in military operations in Vietnam and the murder of an officer of one of them was sentenced to death, but the ability to regenerate has helped both to survive. Colonel William Stryker suggested Wolverine and Victor join the group gathered them gifted mutants. With PsiMovie.Com you can download X-Men Origins: Wolverine 720p Free Full HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

North of North America, the middle of the XIX century. Jimmy Logan kid runs away from home, puncture the stomach to his real father, who had just had killed reception. From it does not lag behind older brother Victor Creed, on the run negotiating eternal friendship and cooperation. Brothers back to back fighting in all American wars, until sometime after Vietnam them finds Colonel Stryker. This single-minded man who collects mutants and dreamed of creating the perfect weapon, recruiting them in their own special detachment. Logan, however, some time later chooses a career woodcutter. Frustrated and resentful Victor is taken to kill the left and right - to attract the attention of his brother. And draws. Actually shoot "Wolverine" Zack Snyder wanted to charge, but he was busy "Keepers" and could not, which is a pity. Directed by Gavin Hood, whose low-budget drama about the experiences of South African gangster was three years ago, "Oscar", somehow, it seems, wilted under the weight of great opportunity and head producer Hugh Jackman. He did not want to remove the "just a good movie," he longed for something "much more". Dreams actually come true - a good movie did not happen. The result was a kind of benefit Jackman: he takes a bath, one-handed stop the helicopter, jumping naked into the waterfall and every ten minutes roars, making a scary face and rastopyrivaya claws. You do not think, I usually poor woman, and I, of course, like the sexy actor Hugh Jackman (although there may already be used past tense). But in "Wolverine" him so much and he was so tiring monotonous that you start to get tired. Everything seems to be logical, it's the story of Logan, then anywhere from his clutches and biceps not escape. Remove them - and will remain an ordinary thriller with hints of drama, a standard set of tricks and death, which for some reason do not touch. No one present komiksovoy battle in the final, with severed head of a nuclear reactor and, of course, is impressive. And the joke about the "fight for their country," the former hobbit Dominic Monaghan at the fair and the future role of Cyclops in Bart Simpson. But in general, once empty and disharmonious all. But fans of this "X-Men" because it does not bother him.

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