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Film Genre: Comedy
Budget: $ 13 million
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 2013
Screenwriter: Jon Lucas, Scott Moore
Operator: Terry Stacey
Somposer: Lyle Workman
Actors: Miles Teller, Skylar Astin, Justin Chon, Sarah Wright, Jonathan Keltz, Francois Chau, Russell Hodgkinson, Daniel buco, Russell Mercado, Josie Loren, Bonnie Bentley, Basil Harris, Samantha Faterman, Dustin Ybarra
IMDB: 5.8

Comedy about the possibilities open to full of promise guy when he turns 21 years old. Two friends inciting the poor man celebrate his 21st birthday on the eve of an important exam in the College of Medicine. Nobody notices how one becomes a mug of beer in a sea of ​​booze and party - a rapid and unforgettable adventure with music and girls. With PsiMovie.Com you can download 21 and Over Full Free HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

What to do when you have just turned 21, so many plans, whole life ahead and open all the way? Of course, to get drunk in the trash. If you say that this film is similar to both the "Bachelor" again, it will not quite right. "21 and Over" is not just like a "Bachelor" - that is their younger brother, their young understudy and a good student. Shot, as it happens, the same people - Jon Lucas and Scott Moore. Initial data about the same: Chang (Justin Chon) is going to an important job interview and before that wants to how to sleep. But his friends Miller (Miles Teller) and Casey (Skylar Astin) persuaded him to spend the evening with them at the bar. The plan to shift home at eleven, after drinking vodka, collapsing just before that idea failed to finish a party of nine, drinking a beer. In the yard the night, Chang insane and can not name the exact address. But friends - they are out and friends - are taken to bring him home even in the morning, so he had to interview the most important in my life. It should be added that the moral of the story remains the same hangover, although not under forty heroes and early twenties: live once. From this automatically follow dancing naked on the bar, a fight with another, slightly more sober now, the taming of large animals (the authors just some passion for wildlife), bawdy flirting with a beautiful blonde, light injury (to fight the aforementioned relationship does not matter). And so on in the same vein, one to one with "Bachelor" only zaboristye, louder and, oddly enough, prettier. The point here is solely at the age of heroes who knowingly submitted in the name. Sacred number, marks the transition to another, the long-awaited state divine free to go to clubs and bars, buy alcohol and every minute feel like an adult. Their night phantasmagoric adventure - an attempt to appear larger and fear at the same time to grow up. They have something to fear - ahead Vegas, Bangkok, facial tattoos, extracted teeth and a long heavy hangover.

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