Download Anger Management free hd movie

Download Anger Management Free

Download Anger Management hd movie
Film Genre: Comedy
Budget: $ 75 million
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 2003
Director: Peter Segal
Operator: Donald McAlpine
Somposer: Teddy Castellucci
Actors: Jack Nicholson, Adam Sandler, Marisa Tomei, Luis Guzmán, Allen Covert, Lynne Thigpen, Kurt Fuller, Jonathan Lougren, Krista Allen, Jones Dzhenyueri
IMDB: 6.2

When ordinary situation in the plane caused a businessman Dave Baznike uncontrollable fit of aggression, the court ordered him to undergo a mandatory program to control his anger. Only here in the coaches Dave got not quite adequate psychologist who himself is able to ruffle anyone. To learn how to control their emotions, Dave will have to try very hard not to kill his mentor. Here you can download Anger Management 1080p Full Free movie HD.

Stills from the Anger Management:

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Critic's response:

Man - himself a blacksmith of his own happiness. Well, if you - not a blacksmith, then do not worry - the professional fortunately will help you. There once was a regular employee Baznik Dave (Adam Sandler). Not that the very rich and beautiful, and so-so, average hero of the tale or movie. But one day he walked smack into the history - on absurd charges of assaulting a flight attendant (not even Cinderella or a princess!) Dave was sent to be treated by a psychiatrist. It seems to be what happens on the screen, but there is something with the character received clearly in pig: a guy who suffered from excessive shyness, sent for treatment of manifestations of anger, and to be absolutely accurate - that manage their negative emotions. It is no coincidence folk wisdom says: "Who lead the, from, and rack up" and therefore during the passage of a treatment program with Dr. Buddy Rydell (Jack Nicholson), Dave begins to feel the changes happening to him - because he has a doctor as aggressive, spilling their anger on others at the first opportunity and not a case ... And the other patients of the miracle doctor, Lou (Luis Guzman) and Chuck (John Turturro) - even those little people. More precisely, the little people with the more complexes. But on the other hand - as Dave himself may engage in business, if you can not yell at subordinates of the soul? It's forever remain a loser ... And there is another problem - the hero can not confess his love her character, a girl Linda (Marisa Tomei), and yet the beauty already courting other, not so shy (but rather the opposite) man. At work, the boss goes to Dave as draft animals beast ... That to combat these complexes and handy Dave Dr. Buddy so difficult way to demonstrate not only his patient (in the sense - Dave) weaknesses, but also the specific need to overcome them. Of course, in order to become a happy man. However, in Russia too many other problems that hinder happiness shy people ... in addition to their shyness. Yes, and treated in the vast expanses of the other Russian. Bottom line: there is no perfection in the world, but there are experts for its implementation. Individual human "thank you" for the excellent Jack Nicholson played them doctors!

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