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Film Genre: Drama
Budget: 31 million €
Country of Origin: Britain, France,
Year of Release: 2012
Director: Joe Wright
Operator: Seamus McGarvey
Somposer: Dario Marianelli
Actors: Keira Knightley, Jude Law, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Kelly MacDonald, Matthew Macfadyen, Eric MacLennan, Theo Morris, Cecil Morris, Frey Galpin, Octavia Morris, Emily Watson, Michelle Dockery, Olivia Williams, Holly Granger, Shirley Henderson, Ruth Wilson Show all
IMDB: 6.6

Screen version of the world-famous novel by Leo Tolstoy's "Anna Karenina." The history of tragic love of a married lady Anna Karenina to the young officer Count Vronsky on the background of love and a happy family life Konstantin Levin and Kitty. In the film, the couple Karenins played by Jude Law and Keira Knightley, who is the third time collaborating with Joe Wright, director of the film. With help of this site you can download Anna Karenina Full Free HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

Unparalleled film adaptation of Russian classics, which turned out half a hoax. Joe Wright has no illusions (which is why he chose the profession as the greatest of them). He knows - exactly - that Keira Knightley is not a bit like a Karenina and Vronsky hussar mustache Taylor-Johnson - like a cow saddle. And he is certainly aware that no boots and ah-Luli not make the Russian spirit in the western movies less false. Yet he chose not only Knightley and Johnson, but also - stinging mockery Russianness - Domhnall Gleeson, an Irishman to the roots of fiery hair, who presented the role of Russophile Levin. And yet - his shot hit triples, snow, beard, fur hats and the entire set of indispensable and often profane stamps responsible for the most russkost. And yet - snort spirit in the face of genius - he created the great novel of the history of a mere mortal love. Almost great. Wright did with "Karenina" is the only right that you can create with it in the movies. He did to her - the theater. Should be suspected when he saw the name in the credits of the evil one playwright Tom Stoppard. All that could not seem false, together they set up on the stage old-fashioned - and ramp has done its job, sorry conventions and opened the corrupting allure of deception. Scene - behind the scenes - snowfield - dusty grate - foggy rural landscape. You never know what will be next door - theater or reality. Heroes wandered through the maze of scenery, built by Joe Wright, more and more entangled in the vicissitudes of love, jealousy and betrayal. Anna, quite Tolstoy - speaking of his impossible luxury dresses, makes a fateful choice and plunges into the depths of female madness. Karenin (a fantastic Jude Law), not Tolstoy - timid husband, tired of her rescue. Vronsky blond loves her sensual and passionate - and put up with her loss, as reconciled with the need to shoot your favorite horse. Levin takes marital happiness, and a sense of surrendering without violating the principles. And Steve Oblonsky (Matthew Macfadyen Russified with lush Mikhalkovskaya mustache) - thanks to its charming unscrupulousness. From the tangle of human happiness and unhappiness Wright tats in which each thread laid his place and his only true bend. Aesthetically his manic sequence and artsy, already convicted for criticizing the style is brilliantly echoed between Tolstoy's metaphor, meaning and artistic techniques. Paradigmatic opposition of town and country is reborn at the same rhythmically complex alternation calling theatricality with sudden personnel location filming. A train - monstrous Moloch, the toy in a child's bedroom - haunts Anna until the very end. However, despite the splendor of forms, Joe Wright still filming his "Anna Karenina" just for the sake of passion. For the sake of love tantrums and scenes of jealousy and desperation and frenzy. And here's another reason to play it in the theater. Where else to put real passion, just as they came out of the items that have become Shakespeare? And the stage, separated from the truth next lighted lamps allow soar to the tragedy, where in other circumstances permitted only modest drama. Review editors Boris Grishin November 22, 2012 10 Love and Cmert incredible film adaptation of the famous novel by Leo Tolstoy with no less incredible cast: Keira Knightley Western critics confidently called Karenina best of all time. The family Stiva Oblonsky (Macfadyen) quite a stir. Steve caught in adultery with mademoiselle, and his wife Dolly (MacDonald) on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Resolve the conflict from St. Petersburg to Moscow goes sister guilty Anna (Knightley) - wife of a statesman Alexei Karenin (Lowe) and the mother of his only son, Sergei. Upon arrival, she experiences a brief acquaintance with the young officer Vronsky (Taylor-Johnson). On the same day in the capital comes from the village of best friend Steve landowner Konstantin Levin (Gleeson), who dreams to get a young beautiful women wife Kitty (Vikander). But Kitty prefers Vronsky, who, in turn, is seriously interested in Anna. And follows her to St. Petersburg. Such a schematic presentation of the synopsis, which is not at all desire to squeeze a multi-faceted Tolstoy's novel, just as pointless as trying to describe in words the incredible work done by director Joe Wright and the whole crew in the film adaptation of the extremely sad story. Typically, the director and the writers' intent only enough to take from the history of the novel of adultery and the consequent heartbreaking suicide. From Greta Garbo to Sophie Marceau, the character Karenina appeared as a victim of circumstances, immersed in a viscous environment costume melodrama. For the first time the existence of cinema (the first film based on the book was filmed in 1910), the authors have made a secular novel in the grand visionary drama at the intersection of film and theater. Most ekraniziruemy Russian novel in the West waited in the wings: innovative techniques does not kill here meaning and plot. On the contrary - Tolstoy's prose forced to exist at the level of images, which certainly goes for her. Even Levin - absolutely insufferable character, an alter ego of the writer, known insufferable moralizing, appears here is not so obvious alternative Vronsky and Karenin. Men are divided into two categories: those like women, while others like to mow the grass in the company of peasants. In the picture Wright both looks work of art.

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