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Film Genre: Horror
Budget: $ 5 000 000
Country of Origin: USA, Canada
Year of Release: 2012
Director: Michelle Tavern
Screenwriter: Michelle Tavern, Kei Oishi
Actors: Mischa Barton, Rebecca De Mornay, Julianne Michelle, Corey Sevier, John Diehl, Gillian Altman, Katherine Klilend, Kathleen Mackey, Jessica Malka, Gordon Masten, Madison McAleer
IMDB: 2.6

Low-budget horror classic about bad apartment. It always looking for new tenants. But no one knows about the legend of the curse that dwells here. They say there live ghosts of mother and daughter who died a violent death. Not finding peace, spirits of the dead are eager to avenge their killers. Anyone who crosses the threshold of the room horror becomes their hostage. And no one was able to escape from death. "Apartment 1303" - a remake of the same name by Japanese paintings, 2007. With PsiMovie.Com you can download Apartment 1303 Free Full Movie in HD.

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Critic's response:

Pretty predictable horror film about the relationship of mothers and daughters with the ghosts of the past. Barely glancing at what we promised film "Apartment 1303" - it does not matter whether it's a poster, synopsis or a list of names of the galleries - you can smell a rat. More precisely, do not even suspect, but the alert: we again throw up a story about a problem living space burdened bloody past. But this time, make it so convincing and casually that a natural question arises: is not settled to the authors and participants of the tape in his own apartment? But while in the ill-fated apartment living a beautiful girl, Janet, who has entered recently and extremely imprudent - selecting the first sentence Estate apartment. It is not surprising - the mother of Janet strongly interested sorokagradusnuyu drinks, and when the cup is not at hand, accepted to teach her eldest daughter Lara and life and everything else. However, family problems very quickly go by the wayside when the apartment starts as expected, occur unpleasant things: the frightening sounds of the night, then out of nowhere who had taken the morning bruises Janet, the news that the girl in the apartment killed by unexplained circumstances. In general, sleeping pills will not help - and rush to the aid of an older sister and lover. Meanwhile, aid will not prevent the audience, because band director Tavern, which is attached to the script, and producing, in fact - debut. And at the same time a remake (this is the same), the eponymous Japanese paintings, 2007, an awkward stroke of the pen rewritten for American realities. Everything else than so nice Japanese horror - a real fear, surprise and giddy plot - and remains the original. The only consolation is only that "Apartment 1303" fair go 80 minutes, after which stored except that beautiful actress and Michelle Barton. And it is not acting, which, however, is trying to demonstrate Rebecca De Mornay, but the director's idea that there is no room. As seems to have no place in them and the audience, which, as usual, and their housing problems enough.

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