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Film Genre: Anime Action Family Science Fiction
Budget: $ 40 million
Country of Origin: United States, Hong Kong, Japan
Year of Release: 2009
Director: David Bowers
Screenwriter: David Bowers, Timothy Harris, Osamu Tezuka
Operator: Pepe Valencia
Somposer: John OTTM
Actors: Freddie Highmore, Nicolas Cage, Charlize Theron, Ryan Stiles, Eugene Levy, Donald Sutherland, Bill Nighy, David Alan Grier, Alan Tudyk, Newell Alexander
IMDB: 6.4


In the city of Metropolis future scientific and technological progress reached unprecedented heights: robots here - a usual thing. One of the founders of robotic assistants scientist Dr. Tenma has a son Toby - a small child prodigy and very curious and inquisitive child. In carrying out scientific tests, fidget was in the wrong place at the wrong time, with the result that dies. Distraught parent decides to create a robot child, and so the light appears Astroboy. After learning the truth of his "birth", a small cyborg decides to leave his hometown, going to a meeting adventures. Here you can download Astro Boy 1080p Full Free movie HD.

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