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Film Genre: Melodrama Comedy
Country of Origin: USA, France
Year of Release: 2001
Director: Mark Griffiths
Screenwriter: Jeff Sherman, Cheryl Saban
Operator: Thomas L. Koleuey
Actors: Gregory Harrison, Heidi Lenhart, Jake Dinwiddie, Katie Volding, Rachel York, Robin Dunne, June Lockhart, James Lancaster, Cliff Bemis, Rory Knox Johnston
IMDB: 5.4

Sequel to the story of the nurse Jenny, who managed to win the heart of a rich bachelor Oliver Caldwell and his children. The second part of the nurse and Oliver are preparing for the wedding, which can prevent problems in business Caldwell. Holiday is in jeopardy, but then again intervene in case children. They have grown up, and the beneficial effects of babysitting impact positively on their upbringing. But when their father's happiness is again threatened, children do not stop at nothing to eliminate all obstacles on the way to the altar. With help of this site you can download Au Pair II Full Free HD Movie.

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