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Film Genre: Comedy
Budget: $ 3,000,000
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 2012
Director: Leslie Hedland
Actors: Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher, Lizzy Caplan, James Marsden, Adam Scott, Kyle Bornheimer, Rebel Wilson, Anna Rose Hopkins, Andy Rannells, Ann Dowd
IMDB: 5.3

Three nice and sharp-tongued friend come to the wedding ... and thick classmate accidentally spoil impressive for its size bridesmaid dress. For one night they accomplish an impressive journey through strip clubs, dressing rooms and bedrooms men in order to save the wedding friends, they can not stand. Here you can download Bachelorette Free Full Movie in HD.

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Critic's response:

Three drunken bridesmaid-bbw not genuinely trying to save her wedding. Not too successful attempt to portray on "stag" and "hen" something more intelligent and less durnovkusnoe. School friends Reagan (Dunst), Katie (Fisher) and Gina (Kaplan) is always behind his plump disliked Becky (Wilson) and called it "svinyushkoy." United these four one - love for incendiary parties and dream of marriage. But the years went on, changing boyfriends and princes did not appear. Then one day Becky invited Reagan in the cafe for a chat about old wives' miserable life, and where said casually that marries and calling the entire company in the bridesmaids. Girls in shock - they beauty, and the first to find her husband "this pig", but still rich pretty boy from a good New York family. Well, nothing - says Reagan girlfriends - but it will be possible to arrange a nice bachelorette party and mock. But quickly bachelorette party ends in confusion - Visiting stripper Becky calls her school nickname, she gets upset and friends are on the eve of the wedding three. However, they do not think to lose heart - Katie had got a bridesmaid dress and with Reagan he climbed. Alas, this was fun, too short - one awkward movement drunkenness, and the bodice is torn in half. Drunk company embarks on a journey through the night Manhattan in search of a sewing workshop, but somehow falls exclusively in the strip clubs and pubs. Ahead of more alcohol, cocaine and men. Despite attempts by Russian distributors to emphasize that in the title of the film stress on the "I", and it seems that it is not about single ladies, but the small peasant idle. Something does not carry American movies with Russian localization. But this is not the main problem of the picture. For any comedy main task - especially to be funny. For this it is possible to forgive any vulgarity. The film becomes a real crap only when combined with vulgar stupidity. 'Single (I!) Chki "- Leslie Hedland feature debut, a young American girl, the director made before this, only one series. Leslie wrote the script itself, so it's not a case of conveying a professional director, "the commander lokeyshena" to which they gave the producers, then he takes off. We must pay tribute Hedland - she was able to instill a certain tape Manhattan shine, refine the image. What, however, contributes to a lot of good ensemble cast led by Kirsten Dunst, gives what is happening is something exquisitely melancholy. But what could make the story so uninventive and dialogues so unfunny? .. And this in a conversational film, making dialogs look just tightened. Yeah, no luck something Dunst with weddings ...

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