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Film Genre: Comedy Crime
Budget: $ 18 000 000
Country of Origin: USA, Germany
Year of Release: 2003
Director: Terry Zwigoff
Screenwriter: Glenn Ficarra, John River
Operator: Jamie Anderson
Somposer: David Kitee
Actors: Billy Bob Thornton, Bernie Mac, Lauren Graham, Tony Cox, Brett Kelly, Lauren Tom, John Ritter, Ajay Naidu, Lorna Scott Harrison Beeker
IMDB: 7.1

Willie - a loser and an alcoholic, "Unwind" to the same prison term. He earns his living by robbing shopping centers with a partner - a dwarf-Negro Marcus. Before Christmas, friends arranged to work in the store: Willie as Santa Claus, and Marcus - his assistant elf. After that scammers clean out the shopping center under cover of night and disappear. Willie has long promised to engage with criminal activity, but can not give up the little weaknesses: stolen money he spends on women and booze. With PsiMovie.Com you can download Bad Santa 720p Free Full HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

Christmas stereotypes long ago it was time to break down. Billy Bob Thornton remarkably coped with this task - he drinks, smokes, mother and hates children. At Christmas in all countries show the same thing - cloyingly sweet movies about magic unfortunate children or true love. And certainly ends well. Willie Stoke running Santa Claus. Every day in December, he sits in a regular mall, and takes orders from the kids. Except that Santa Claus does not release from the hands of a cigarette and a bottle, and in between orgies open safes of the most shopping centers in which it operates. In short, Merry Christmas! "Bad Santa" broke all the stereotypes of the genre of a Christmas movie. The idea of ​​this highly provocative film by the famous brothers in the film - Ethan and Joel Coen. However, in the film, they were just as executive producer and directed by Terry Zwigoff began. Tsvigoff started with documentary films, and "Bad Santa" - only the second feature film of his career. Prior to this Tsvigoff who just was not: and served on the ship, and in charity work. And so, in 2003 Tsvigoff removes criminal comedy with Billy Bob Thornton in the title role. Mr. Thornton brought to his role gloom and autistic. He seems almost perfect performer - intemperance, vulgarity and rudeness in it side by side with a surprisingly touching surprise in his eyes. He is a drunkard and a womanizer who uses foul language is simply lost when faced with the naivete of eight fat boy, who lifts up the local riff-raff. Recently fashionable to operate some figures regarding the movies, and it does not matter what counted. In the case of "Bad Santa" is nothing other than the word «fuck» regarded as one comes to mind - the original version it was uttered 170 times. "Bad Santa" - too saucy picture for Christmas, and therefore definitely appeal to those who already disgusted by sugary Hollywood stories about Christmas miracles. The film was a big success at the box office, and, in general, it is really worth a look for great humor and richness of the English language.

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