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Film Genre: Drama Melodrama Comedy
Country of Origin: Germany
Year of Release: 2005
Director: Til Schweiger
Screenwriter: Til Schweiger, Jann Preuss, Stephen Zotnovski
Actors: Til Schweiger, Johanna Wokalek, Nadja Tiller, Michael Mendel, Steffen Wink, Alexandra Neldel, Imogen CPSB, Andrea Paula Paul, Janine Kunze, Armin Rohde
IMDB: 7.2

Nick loser, after only one day in a mental hospital janitor saves the patient from suicide and Lyle, unwittingly helps her escape. Childish Laila, who walks barefoot all his life, constantly pursues Nick, and he despairing shake off, takes her on a journey to the wedding of his brother. Gradually, the characters are practically family to each other. But in the end, Nick decides to arrange his financial life and leave with Laila. Will he be able to reach without it in a cynical world? ... With help of this site you can download Barfuss Full Free HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

Patients clinic for the mentally ill Emperor mauled in a plastic crown, nervously smoking Catwoman and silent barefoot epileptichka Leila (Johanna Wokalek) gathered for a group therapy session and did not utter a word. So they were silent until them to the hospital with jokes and rhymes not broke new cleaner Nick Keller (Til Schweiger). He immediately watered Emperor detergent, beat Catwoman and fall in love epileptichku (feeling born when Keller took out her out of the loop after a failed suicide attempt). After a day she went after Nick to his home, then followed him to the bank, then the station, then to the toilet, and then they went to a wedding for a long time brother Nick. Director, producer, co-writer and performer starring Til Schweiger mysteriously managed to weave into the infinite tenderness childhood habits half-crazy heroine (her habit of walking barefoot, he even made a name in the movie) things quite so unattractive he gave her alcoholic snoring moronic naivete and sexual frustration forty women. In one scene, for example, young epileptichku in mint nightgown and carrying a suitcase for a prostitute takes quite respectable German. He forces her to have oral sex, and the initial seizures takes for hot passion. Frankly, the rest of comedy films of this kind, it follows directly from the diagnosis of the protagonist. Leila convulses in the most unexpected places, besides constantly takes off his shoes and said barbs, is permissible only insane. Strange, but it's really funny, even ridiculous. However, at some point you realize that laugh at the sick man, and this is some kind of pathology. Review editors Lena Khvostova March 27, 2012 two boots - a pair of German Romantic comedy about a slacker and convinced Woman with oddities. Bachelor and eternally unemployed Nick (Til Schweiger, he - the director-debutant) - frustrated all his family of successful people. One day he gets a job in a mental hospital, where - less than a week - saves one of the patients from committing suicide. Laila (Johanna Wokalek) used to walk barefoot and experiencing stress due to the untimely death of his mother. Feeling, apparently, a savior soul mate, she appears in front of his door one night - in a nightgown and barefoot. Since Laila wants to go back to the hospital, the characters go on a journey. On the way, Nick realizes that love, but a hostile society does not sleep - and that he had been arrested for kidnapping and Laila again hidden in a psychiatric hospital ... tineydzherskih plot is fairly simple and predictable, if not bezynteresen, and in addition, is filled with cliches and gollivudschinoy - but at the expense of a good game of actors and some really funny moments, the film is, in principle, can be viewed. Some have German directors tendency to romanticize crazy girls (take, for instance, the tape "The Princess and the Warrior" Tom Tykwer) - apparently fed up with the perfect order and correctly around. The film received a couple of minor European awards for what - is unclear.

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