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Film Genre: Musical
Budget: $ 20 million
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 2013
Director: Benson Lee
Screenwriter: Benson Lee, Chris Parker, Brin Hill
Operator: Michael Barrett
Somposer: Christopher Lennertz
Actors: Josh Holloway, Las Alonso, Josh Peck, Katie Lotz, Chris Brown, Ivan "Flipz" Velez, John "Du Knock 'Cruz, Jesse" Casper "Brown, David Shreybman, Savandi Wilson
IMDB: 4.8


The musical story of young people who dance. For 15 years, America is not winning the world championships on break dansing. But a team of "new wave" is determined to turn the tide of history and win over the best hiphopperami from Russia, France, Japan, Korea and Brazil. For the director Benson Lee film "America's Best Dance Crew" was the second tape in a row dedicated to breakdance. Here you can download Battle of the Year in HD free full Movie.

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Critic's response:

Another sports drama about the dance and street dance battles, this time concentrated on the subculture of breakdancing. Black break business tycoon Dante Graham (Las Alonso), who began once common street dancer, much alarmed - they sponsored team of the best b-boys invariably inferior to America in international competitions for teams from Europe and Asia. Interest in breakdancing in his homeland falls, and with it the fall and income Graham. Entrepreneur decides to hire a friend of his youth coaches Jason Blake (Josh Holloway), which once was the first white B-Boy dance floor and tore a par with black guys. Blake then went into the family business basketball coach and has made great strides, but after a personal tragedy drinking and sank. In response to the tempting offer Graham Jason long break, but finally decides to join the game. First he throws on the street all the team and gaining American dream team of young street boys. One problem - every one of them wants to work only for themselves, and team play does not develop. Dream-team plays a friendly match even with b-boys from Russia who take it cohesion and team spirit. And then the coaching staff decides to hire a professional choreographer - a woman named Stacey (Katie Lotz). Youth Subculture informal dance unusually common among young people all over the world and including Russia, otherwise difficult to explain the annual appearance of two or three films on this subject, made as a blueprint - is enough to recall the franchise "Street Dance". The main characters crave success in his art, suffering a humiliating defeat by the arrogant rivals, collect a dream team, a long train and win. "America's Best Dance Crew" in this series is not the ordinary film - he still is focused on one style, and his characters are not just anyone anyhow, and the dancers, working under the guidance of a professional trainer and sponsorship money. Drama in such films is somehow secondary importance, although certain logic in this is - the target audience is primarily interested in the dances themselves. But then there could be more, and why all this American sports movie cliches - not very clear.

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