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Film Genre: Comedy Fantasy
Budget: $ 15 000 000
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 1988
Director: Tim Burton
Screenwriter: Larry Wilson, Michael McDowell, Warren Skaar
Operator: Thomas Ekermen
Somposer: Danny Elfman
Actors: Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis, Michael Keaton, Annie McHenry, Maurice Page, Hugo Stanger, Rachel Mittelman, Catherine O'Hara, John. Jay Saunders, Winona Ryder
IMDB: 7.4

The early work of Tim Burton's ghost has received "Oscar" for best makeup and had a serial sequel. Name Beetle (Beetle) Juice (juice) as it suggests to the audience that hero of the film Beetlejuice - unpleasant personality, an evil spirit, providing services ghosts. His ordered Adam and Barbara Maitland, who died in a car accident and become ghosts in his New York home, which suddenly bought some other couple there and all remakes. Turning to Beetlejuice for help, a couple of ghosts soon regrets his actions. With PsiMovie.Com you can download Beetle Juice in HD free full Movie.

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