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Film Genre: Drama Melodrama
Budget: 10 million €
Country of Origin: Australia, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland
Year of Release: 2012
Director: Glen Bonder
Screenwriter: Glen Bonder, Vincenzo Cerami, James Dearden
Operator: Eduardo Serra
Somposer: Gabriel Yared
Actors: Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Natalia Vodianova, Marianne Faithfull, Ed Stoppard, Maria Bonnevie, Janine Horsbur, Leslie Woodhall, Jimmy de Brabant, Stefan Weinert, Gilbert Johnston
IMDB: 5.3

Romantic melodrama, action which takes place in 1930 in the vicinity of the Palais Wilson in Geneva, where the center of the League for Human Rights. Solal, diplomats and officials of the League of Nations, met with Ariana, a married lady from an aristocratic family, and falls in love with her, seeking its location. Ariana throws her husband and lovers, once free, indulge in his passion, not knowing that Europe is on the verge of a major war. Adaptation of the novel "Belle du Seigneur" Swiss writer Albert Cohen, as well as the debut of director Glenn Bonder, who died during the making of "Love". With help of this site you can download Belle du Seigneur Full Free HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

Cinema as a very perverted, but effective way to pull in bed supermodel. Because if there were other reasons for the adaptation of the novel by Albert Cohen's "Belle du Seigneur", something about them, seeing this movie, just no one would guess. But nothing but Vodianova in the main female role, does not seem to foretell. The primary source of intelligent writer, almost won a Nobel Prize. All such controversial and dramatic Jonathan Rhys Myers in the title role. The Jewish Question and 1936 - as an ethical and historical background. But for some reason instead of a love story, mutilated looming global tragedy showed sluggish adultery trinkets, for Natalia Vodianova on the screen only manages it with a clinical psychotic (mania of Henry VIII "The Tudors" for Myers obviously did not go away). The League of Nations. Deputy Secretary General de Solal Solal, a Jew by birth, falls in love with the wife of his subordinate Ariana. After a couple of slightly inadequate attempts to achieve it, he miraculously appears with her in bed, and another screen momentarily - on a romantic Italian coast. From there Solal went to Berlin to beat him Nazis, as he appears throughout, much worried about the current political situation. However, after this episode his strange behavior, including masturbation under Hitler's speech, all the less you want to relate to whatever it was external factors and historical facts, as in every frame he claims in the viewer confidence in its explicit and unpleasant madness. Ariana claps eyes and tolerate his quirks, including paranoid jealousy, to which ultimately reduces the world's grief representative of the people-sufferer. What it all comes clear long before the finals - stopped yelling and copulate with his mistress, Solal with a mysterious expression on his face puts question marks of sleeping pills. In general, tastes, of course, do not argue, but personally I send "Love" in his collection of rare trash, where I recommend the movie for Sunday evening all sorts of unpleasant people.

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