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Film Genre: Comedy Action Animated Family Science Fiction
Budget: $ 165 million
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 2014
Somposer: Henry Jackman
Actors: Genesis Rodriguez, Jamie Chung, TJ Miller, Alan Tudyk, James Cromwell, Damon Wayans ml., Katie Lowes, Maya Rudolph, Ryan Potter, Daniel Henney
IMDB: 8.5

Animated blockbuster for children and their parents. Young Hiro Hamada - a born inventor and genius design robots. Together with his older brother Tadashi they embody the most advanced ideas in the future of the Technical University of San Fransokio. After a series of mysterious events friends find themselves at the center of an insidious conspiracy. Desperate, Hiro decides to use a good-natured fun and experimental robot Beymaksa, reprogramming it into invincible fighting machine. Cartoon "City of Heroes" - the first animated film Disney, is based on the comics Marvel. Here you can download Big Hero 6 720p Free Full HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

Another animated blockbuster from studio Disney - a sight that must come to taste absolutely everything, despite the fact that the claims in this time much more than usual. In the future metropolis of San Fransokio live young inventor Hiro Hamada, who, like his older brother, Tadashi, enjoys creating robots. But the essential difference here is that Hiro with his inventions involved in illegal fighting robots, and Tadashi learns Polytechnic Institute in the best of the city and creates a machine for the benefit of mankind. One day the older brother decides (they are orphans and live with an aunt), it was time for Hiro to take up his head, and invites the boy to his institute. The result - a scholarship to the young genius, invention nanobots, new friends, botany and familiarity with Beymaksom - medical robot, which is invented by Tadashi. It is these events will determine the immediate future Hiro, when the fire dies elder brother, and nanobots will be under the control of a mysterious criminal in a mask. At this point the young inventor decides to become a superhero and certainly, of course, without the assistance of the order of militarized Beymaksa did not do. The mere retelling of the story "City of Heroes" suggests that it is this cartoon wrong - badly researched, swallowing storylines and admitting mistakes monstrous scenario. Actually, nothing surprising here is not present, the script - always the weakest point of the modern blockbuster, and "City of Heroes" - was a blockbuster, almost perfect visually (such detail, it seems, in modern cartoons was not yet), with fully verified and authentic design and rich visual effects from the beginning to the end. But as a result of visual feast cartoon cements no plot, no setting, which is based on the eponymous comics Marvel, and the characters. And Hiro, and all his friends, despite the predictable stereotyped in its development and functioning, fortunately, have autonomous drama - such that, were transferred some of them to another cartoon, it would be quite caught on and there. The exception here is only one, but what - Beymaks robot, a kind of inflatable Jacques Tati, who steals all other cartoon entirely and without residue. It is because of his scenes in "City of Heroes" can be forgiven anything. And, apparently, this heroic goof quite ready to take a place in the pantheon of the most beloved cartoons of the last time - exactly somewhere between minions, and WALL-E. And the ending suggests that the continuation of the cartoon inevitably, like a hangover after a shock Friday, Marvel Comics benefit not only allow you to turn a potential sequel, but trikvel. But shall in the future without a decent script cartoon will not be able to pull even Beymaks.

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