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Film Genre: Drama Melodrama Crime
Budget: $ 1,000,000
Country of Origin: Japan, South Korea
Year of Release: 2004
Director: Kim Ki-duk
Operator: Buck Young Son
Somposer: Slvian
Actors: Sung Yong Lee, Hoon Lee, Kwon Hyuk-ho, Lee Choi, Joo-Seok Lee, Lee Mi Sook, Moon Sung Hyuk, Park Ji-A, Ja-Yong Yang, Dah-Ha Lee
IMDB: 8.1

Ta-sung earns putting ads on the doors of houses and apartments, cutting on his motorcycle through the city. The tactics he has this - zakleivaya advertisement keyholes, it keeps track of which homes are empty and lives in them before the arrival of the hosts. Ta-sung is not a thief and not a crook - he cleans house and repairing broken things. One day in one of the houses he discovers the silent girl. After witnessing the husband beats her, Ta-sung intervenes and beating a man with a golf club. Since then, silent girl becomes his companion. "Empty House" has received 4 awards at the Venice Film Festival in 2004. Here you can download Bin-jip (3-Iron) 720p Free Full HD Movie.

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