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Film Genre: Drama Military Adventure
Budget: 40 million €
Country of Origin: Italy, Qatar, Tunisia, France
Year of Release: 2011
Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud
Screenwriter: Jean-Jacques Annaud, Menno Meyes, Alain Godard
Operator: Jean-Marie Dryuzho
Somposer: James Horner
Actors: Antonio Banderas, Tahar Rahim, Mark Strong, Frieda Pinto, Riz Ahmed, Liya Kebede, Corey Johnson, Jean Uddin, Eric Ebony, Akin Gazi
IMDB: 6.7

Arabian Peninsula, 1930. Under the scorching sun is a meeting leaders of two warring tribes. As in battle to conquer the tribe Nasib, Emir Hobeika (Antonio Banderas), but now it was he who dictates the terms of peace to his opponent, Sultan Salmaah (Mark Strong). According to tradition, the victorious leader takes him two sons loser, as a guarantee that the tribes will no longer attack each other. In addition, they agree not to conquer neutral territory. After some time to come Nasib American oilman and tells the Emir that his land is rich in oil. But the problem is that the deposits of black gold are just on neutral territory. The film is based on a novel by Hans Ryusha "Black thirst» («La soif noire»). With PsiMovie.Com you can download Black Gold Full Free HD Movie.

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