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Film Genre: Action Detective Crime
Budget: $ 7,000,000
Country of Origin: Russia, United States
Year of Release: 2014
Director: Alexander Nevsky
Screenwriter: Brent Huff, George Sanders
Operator: Rudy Harbon
Somposer: Sean Murray
Actors: Alexander Nevsky, Kristanna Loken, Adrian Paul, Robert Davi, Robert Madrid, Matthias Hues, Oksana Sidorenko, Emmanuel Vitorgan, Olga Rodionova, Dmitry Bikbaev
IMDB: 1.6

Major Moscow police went to Los Angeles to help local guards of the order to investigate a series of murders of Russian immigrants. Together with the American co-worker Russian police chase begins for a new Jack the Ripper. With help of this site you can download Black Rose 1080p Full Free movie HD.

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Critic's response:

Crime thriller about Russian major criminal investigation, leading to a pair of American polismenshey hunt for serial killer. A kind of low-budget homage to the "Red heat." In Los Angeles, there was once a sex maniac. He brutally kills girls from Russia, leaving in the teeth of mutilated corpses his business card - black, or rather, dark red rose. Police speculated that the brutal killer is also a Russian immigrant, and as can only understand Russian Russian, decided to seek help from colleagues from Moscow. In response MOORE sends one of his best employees Major Vlad Kazatova (Alexander "Nevsky" Kuritsyn), but LA cops are not eager to work together with the Russian. Become his partner agrees to only police-blonde (Christianna Loken), which her fellow workers perceived more as a woman than as a serious professional. Vlad Casati quickly finds common ground with the girl, and together they decide to catch a serial killer on live bait. A lure is very blonde. Alexander "Nevsky" Kuritsyn takes so peculiar place in modern cinema that in Russia, of course, is a celebrity, although not starred in any successful film. Having built his career on the image of the main Russian fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is trying to repeat his way in Hollywood, Alexander seemed forever removes the same story, reminiscent of the "Red heat." This is done quite openly - "Moscow Heat" talks about it, even the name, and the "Black Rose" was conceived as a sequel to it. And, in fact, nothing wrong with that, the militants in the 80s have long been a kind of genre with its own laws, require mandatory cliche as hero cop who has lost once fault of their own other-mate, conflicts with colleagues, with difficulty which finds a new friend in a new partner - usually its the exact opposite. All this in the "Black Rose" is, and what the protagonist Russian representative of the non-grata-nation in the United States comes from a kind of terra terrible, only exacerbates the severity of the plot. The only problem is that Alexander "Nevsky" Kuritsyn never learned how to make a film, and then to hire a professional, he did not have enough money. According to him, the American producers, to which he applied, said: "Alexander, if the hero is not Russian, and, for example, Ukrainian, we'll take it. But the film, which comes to us Russian hero and wipes his nose Americans will not do. " As a result, the script looks so cheap that is suitable only for the most primitive paintings category B and dialogues do not cause the viewer nothing but laughter.

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