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Film Genre: Drama Comedy Biography Crime
Budget: $ 52 million
Country of Origin: USA, Canada
Year of Release: 2002
Director: Steven Spielberg
Screenwriter: Jeff Nathanson, Frank Ebegneyl ml., Stan Redding
Operator: Janusz Kaminski
Somposer: John Williams
IMDB: 8.0


Young guy Frank Ebigneyl upon reaching adulthood US has already worked a doctor, a lawyer and a pilot on passenger airlines. Being a master of deception, Frank is able also perfectly forge documents that brought him millions of dollars. But the young talent on the heels should be an FBI agent Carl Henretti. The agent is ready to do anything to capture a rogue, but Frank is always one step ahead. The film is based on real events. Here you can download Catch Me If You Can Free Full Movie in HD.

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Critic's response:

The True Story of an American swindler who was able to 21-th year of becoming a millionaire. In Amerike60-hgodov was a young man Ebigneyl Frank (Leonardo DiCaprio). He is known for having managed to work a lawyer, pilot, passenger airlines, physician, and all that - before reaching full maturity, ie 21 years. In addition, Frank became a master of forgery of various securities and managed to get two and a half million dollars on fake checks. Of course, for this young talent is the pursuit by the FBI. But resourceful Ebigneyl always one step ahead of Carl Henretti agent (Tom Hanks). The film has become quite unusual for Steven Spielberg's filmography, somehow more accustomed to seeing the name of the director in blockbusters: paintings about dinosaurs, aliens, or, at worst, a war. And then - no special effects and computer graphics, no scale, despite the interesting story. Nevertheless, the director - a kind of cinematic quality mark. Who would not want to watch a movie of the great Spielberg? For the director himself has become some kind of picture of autobiography - he also began directing career with deception, pretending to not be where I am. Can not say that DiCaprio and Hanks in the movie hit. Yes, it's a good level, but by such actors expect every time something truly brilliant, literally - a breakthrough, rather than flow and confident "middling". DiCaprio is very organic in the form of a young adventurer, and he sincerely empathize. Hanks, of course, is also well suited as his hero, and age. But all those that have already become great, people can afford to have some fun in the adventure comedy salon. In the end, turned out quite good.

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