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Film Genre: Drama Sport
Budget: $ 20 million
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 2012
Actors: Gerard Butler, Elisabeth Shue, Leven Rambin, Abigail Spencer, Scott Eastwood, Taylor Handley, John Weston, Jenica Bergere, Channon Roe, Alexander Kanellakos
IMDB: 7.1

California has always attracted the coolest surfers. And muscular guys and tanned blonde - all dream to conquer the deadly waves. Two of them against the fierce ocean. A young and crazy, the second too spoiled glory. But only on the crest of a wave realize how much you're worth in fact. The film is based on the true story of Jay Moriarty. Here you can download Chasing Mavericks Free Full Movie in HD.

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Critic's response:

Why is the picture where there is everything terrible, but beautiful poetry, a challenge to fate, a dream come true, and beautiful women really exist extraordinary character - does not cause a due sense? In an attempt to embellish the already fantastically bright and short life of Jay Moriarty, "Chasing Mavericks" swam too far. They pictured Jay (John Weston) initially too good for this world. He and caring son, and faithful friend, and romantic love, and hard worker (and navigator, so to speak, and the carpenter); besides, he's smart and good-looking. Betrayal of his father and a mother's feelings of impermanence it carries stoically. Indifference girlfriend and inexplicable, unexpected meanness from other forgives - and be rewarded handsomely. For residents of Santa Cruz (and, apparently, not only for them), the real Jay really became something of an angel, patron surfers. The picture of a man in 16 years saddled not only high, but also treacherous wave had to be born. In "Chasing Mavericks" starring people who not only knew Jay, but also to take part in his life. Interestingly, hooked them in the film anything except the opportunity to see their faces on the big screen? What was going on in the mind of this crazy guy? Why him and not someone else so captivated by these terrible waves that miraculously escaped death again rushes into the water? What generally compelling in surfing and it's actually - fashion, sports, subculture, or all together? Instead of responses - a little harsh Marinism, romantic gatherings on the beach everyday work in a pizzeria and a week of grueling workouts. Master Jay, Frosty Hesson (Gerard Butler), describing the possible consequences of surfing the giant "Maverick", says something like "crashed into a concrete wall, and the second covers the top and you." Jay is still relatively normal person asks, "kicks, then what?" To which irritated Frosty tells him to get out. A feeling that at the same address not only sent him. Loons, so to speak, is not available. What lifts this life? To tell that there was such a wonderful man and died prematurely, primarily because of their hobbies water element? Or to try to understand people for whom surfing - not just a fashionable hobby, but a way of life, to feel their hundredth of obsession, seen in the rolling tons of water is not only a threat, but personally call yourself? Second, it seems, did not work, and the first impression left sad: despite all his talent and a heart of gold, Jay died at age 22. Was it worth it, because the film is not very clear.

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