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His mission is to recover their heads, before they take his.

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Film Genre: Comedy Action Adventure
Country of Origin: Hong Kong, China
Year of Release: 2012
Director: Jackie Chan
Actors: Jackie Chan, Kwon Sang-woo, Liao Fan, Sinthun Yao, Zhang Lanxin, Laura Veyssbekker, Oliver Platt, deshele Caitlin, Emily Guyot, Raney Bimak, Kenny G, Ken Lo, Paul Philip Clarke, Stephen Dass
IMDB: 6.2

The third part of the Chinese action movie with Jackie Chan in the lead role. Legendary thief nicknamed Hawk is back in business. This time his goal - 12 bronze animal heads, symbolizing the zodiac. He is preparing a big "world tour": to rid the owners of valuable artifacts, he will look to Paris, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Sydney and not only - the treasure hunt begins. In the film "Armour of God 3: The mission of the Zodiac" Jackie Chan set a record for the mention in the credits - his name is mentioned 15 times. With help of this site you can download Chinese Zodiac in HD free full Movie.

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Critic's response:

Jackie Chan's return to basics - that series about the thief Hawk elevated him to the rank of superstars. However, it seems that the third installation will not lead anywhere. Jackie Chan's career is taking off so many times, and fees overgrown zeros, then fell into a prolonged peak, once again provoking anecdotes about the cemetery doubles and all that stuff, that fit to lose count. In fact, of course, Jackie - clump of boulders, a real match for Schwarzenegger, Stallone and Joseph Kobzon; especially with the last of his family did not evolving for decades face and hairstyle. That in the "Mission Zodiac" were all the same. But unlike the last paintings Chan had strikingly Hollywood origins, new adventures Hawk even blowing co-production (hence the mad jumble in locations), but only give Chinese origin. Trash-cinema of the former China with nothing can not be confused - especially when in charge here speaks of his "face" for the past decades. But first things first. Hawks, who over the years has got not only a team of assistants, but also a bunch of gadgets and technologies, offer to get (find or steal) 12 bronze animal heads, symbolizing the zodiac - almost priceless treasure imperial dynasty of China. The first destination confronts Jackie and his team to unforeseen circumstances. First of them will chase the rich lover of antiques, and then did have to make a trip on a pirate island. There's one point, it seems that something is about to display the Johnny Depp - but instead shoved under a made-up of Jack Sparrow Chinese. And then the story becomes even absolutely no mess, and mashed potatoes. It vyaznesh desperately trying to find a logical point, motivational systems and other dramatic things. To no avail - "Armour of God 3" are a collection of bright tricks duty jokes (and there, and there the main course, Jackie Chan) against different beautiful objects: like Paris - please dreaming about exotic - treasure island with your service. And the fact that almost every line titles slips name Jackie Chan, too, in a sense, symptomatic - "The mission of the Zodiac" a kind of monument to himself, of course, man-made, but, in contrast to the "Return of the Hero", yet not like will.

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