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Film Genre: Fantasy
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 2012
Director: Andrew Adamson
Operator: Brett Turnbull
Actors: Erica Linz, Igor Zaripov, Luts Halbhyubner, John Clark, Dallas Barnett, Tanya Dryueri Sarah Hubolt, Askja Maybury, Damien Gordon, Zack Briklend, Jason Berrent Matt Dzhillanders Caroline Lauzon, Taras Shevchenko
IMDB: 6.7

The legendary innovator James Cameron and directed by Andrew Adamson invited to a unique 3D-journey through the magical world of the circus Cirque du Soleil. At this time we will tell the amazing story of two lovers who are separated fate. They will have to go through many trials to be together again. The film «Cirque du Soleil: Fairy Tales" - the first appearance of the world-famous circus in the movie. With PsiMovie.Com you can download Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away Full Free HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

Circus show, delivered in a specially equipped hall and shot in 3D. The result was quite controversial. Middle of the night somewhere in the boondocks. Almost nothing is visible. Because of the level crossing there is a girl with a mysterious look. It is directed towards the small village fairs and as if in a daze haunting her. Suddenly it grabs the arm of an elderly sad clown and pleading view extends an invitation to a performance air gymnast. The girl shakes her head, but insists clown. And the heroine is included in the half-empty circus tent, where extraordinary performance announce flying acrobat. Artist begins his room under the big top, but always tries to break away from the chain or trapezoid. Girl tensely watching him - watching, in general, with a sinking heart. Finally gymnast really breaks down and a dramatic slow motion coming down. Girl throws him and see how he hits the sand arena. Gives Way sand beneath it, she rushes after him. So the characters find themselves in a strange world, where an acrobat like as captured some fantasy tribes, and the girl's kind of like looking for him, however, is not very hard. Basically, she watches from a number of circus performed by Cirque du Soleil. Spectators watch with her. Somewhere in the fifteenth minute of viewing suddenly realize that so might look formulation based on the famous poem Stepan Verkhovenskii. Will resort well my dear reader, without further ado, to the best friend of the modern journalist - copy-paste. "It's kind of allegory in lyrical-dramatic form and reminiscent of the second part of Faust. The scene opens chorus of women, then men in unison, then some forces and in the end the whole chorus shower, have not lived, but who would very much like to live. All these choruses sing about something very uncertain, the best part about someone's curse, but with a touch of humor higher. But the scene suddenly changes its, and there comes some "Celebration of Life", which even insects sing, a turtle with some Latin sacramental words, and even sang about something one mineral. In general, all sing constantly, and if talking, somehow vaguely curse, but again with a touch of the highest importance. " And so on and so forth. In fact, no kidding, I would advise writers Cirque du Soleil take this idea on board. Coming back, in fact, the film can only once again to complain about the problem format 3D. See very clearly, definitely inventive and impressive numbers the world's best circus is quite difficult. Frankly, even just on TV performances Cirque du Soleil look much more spectacular. Here in the frame too many blurry backgrounds and details, and especially looks awful when completely Rasfokus something runs or looms in the foreground. Often, the characters do look as if they are being filmed on the background screen with the projection. Like the heroine wanders the giant stage and how to interact with the characters in the film on the screen, with not much in the coinciding angles. Very strange and ridiculous spectacle.

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