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Truth is stranger than family

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Film Genre: Drama Comedy
Budget: $ 6,000,000
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 2009
Director: Raymond De Felitta
Operator: Vanya Chernyul
Somposer: Jan AP Kaczmarek
Actors: Andy Garcia, Julianna Margulies, Steven Strait, Emily Mortimer, Ezra Miller, Dominik García-Lorido, Carrie Baker Reynolds, Hope Glendon-Ross, Alan Arkin, Louis Mustillo
IMDB: 7.4

Romantic comedy from the winner of the festival sandenskogo Raymond de Felitti. The film is set in the Bronx, on a small island City Island. Living here dynasty Rizzo - is not the best example of the perfect family. Dad hunted, tormented complex unrealistic expectations, in secret from everyone attends acting classes and aims to realize a childhood dream; his eldest daughter after the expulsion from the university moonlights as a stripper, and my son is obsessed with sexual fetish and seems to have plans for dvuhsotkilogrammovuyu neighbor. Adds fuel to the fire in the building the appearance of fallen out of nowhere a young man, as a reminder of the secrets of the past, having a direct impact on the present. Here you can download City Island in HD free full Movie.

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Critic's response:

Vince Rizzo (Andy Garcia) is working in the prison warden, but wants to be like Marlon Brando and therefore attends after duty cast circle. The family did not suspect about the fascination with Vince, and he, in turn, does not know that his daughter was deprived of scholarships for smoking grass and now she earns college striptease. Vince does not know and that his fifteen year old son all day sitting on porn sites with fat women and wants to feed to satiety dvuhsotkilogrammovuyu neighbor. But then transferred to jail drug dealers Dalmatian, who is a native son of the hero (Vince thirty years ago gave up his mother in the early months of pregnancy - and here is the result). Belated guilt makes overseer take blockhead on bail and lead to the house (in the guise of hard workers, migrant workers). The appearance of a stranger in the house runs a chain of accidents, and begins to precipitate out of the closet dirty laundry, Brando photos and business cards cute aspiring actress. However, it is this incredible story conflict affects the viewer's "City Island". The most amazing thing here - the purity and innocence of the director's intentions. This, in general, typically sandensovskoy, intelligent, cheerful, but somehow very inhumanly humanistic picture can easily illustrate the maxim about the "death of the author." Raymond De Filitta personally wrote the screenplay, and the question, "he somehow understood what I said?" Appears after half an hour of his sensitive direction, together with a sweet splash porn site on the screen. Spell it all - a typical style chernukha Todd Solondz, in spirit - absolutely family comedy (Andy Garcia generally removed here with her daughter). In man, everything is fine: the soul and clothes, and perversion cute, charming and hysterical - as if the author wants to tell us. Yes, the movie is really very funny, yes, can not - not a crime, yes, you can be a sensible man, and masturbate to her neighbor, sausage, life is multifaceted, everything will be fine ... You know, there are those sunny nature that wants to strangle the already five minutes into the conversation.

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