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Film Genre: Drama Melodrama
Budget: $ 27 million
Country of Origin: United States, United Kingdom
Year of Release: 2004
Director: Mike Nichols
Operator: Stephen Goldblatt
Somposer: Steven Patrick Morrissey
IMDB: 7.3

Writer-loser Dan Wolfe (Jude Law) meets a beautiful stripper Alice (Natalie Portman) with crimson hair and seemingly arises between them sympathy. However, Dan also like the photographer Anna (Julia Roberts). Anna, in turn, met with Larry (Owen), which it is not indifferent, but in the meantime he sleeps with Alice. And further, the complicated relationships in the love quadrangle, from which nothing good, by definition, can not get ... Here you can download Closer in HD free full Movie.

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Critic's response:

They have created a love quadrangle, and now can not figure out who someone chose and why. What will be the isolation and one of them was sincere? One writer-loser Dan Wolfe (Jude Law) met on a London street with a beautiful stripper Alice (Natalie Portman), attracting the attention of others Malin burgundy hair. Dan has Alice's help when it is hit by car (Alice came from New York and London - hand traffic, you need to get used to) and accompanies the girl to the hospital. At the very beginning of the film there is a landmark episode: Dan and Alice stop near the plaques with the names of the people who sacrificed their lives for others. So begins the game feels a fascinating psychological drama Mike Nichols, filmed on the eponymous play by Patrick Marber cult. Take a closer look to Dan: he works as a journalist, wrote obituaries - or rather, corrects the outline text obituaries, patiently waiting in the wings - where a celebrity would leave the world and urgently need to print about her life and deeds of a few "decent lines." Dan is not present and no talent, no theme, no future - as a writer. But now he's got Alice - not only do they become lovers, she "gave" him a plot of the book, written off with her life. And then, and begins "bjaka": the book should be an artistic portrait of the author, and Dan sent to fashion photo artist Anne Cameron (Julia Roberts). This is followed by a kiss and ... Dany acquaintance on the Internet with some horny Larry (Clive Owen), on behalf of Anna and the subsequent meeting in reality. Next: fatal treachery, the raging passions, and only meeting of the four main characters at the photo exhibition of Anna. Look at the picture - and you will see that very young girl from her reality. But who will choose it? And there on this and other issues unequivocal and final answer? After all, the psychology of human relationships - is a science ...

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