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It's not like things are black and white.

Download Crash hd movie

Film Genre: Drama
Budget: $ 6,500,000
Country of Origin: USA, Germany
Year of Release: 2004
Director: Paul Haggis
Screenwriter: Paul Haggis, Robert Moresco
Operator: James Muro
Somposer: Mark Isham
Actors: Don Cheadle, Matt Dillon, Ryan Phillippe, Terrence Howard, Sandra Bullock, Thandie Newton, Brendan Fraser, Michael Pena, Shaun Toub, Ludacris, William Fichtner
IMDB: 7.9

The film consists of several short stories, united in a few car accidents, shootings and robberies of cars under one common theme - I, I am in the world, I'm in the society. Almost all the characters shown in the film, see themselves as the center of the universe and are involved in various conflicts, during which the need to reconsider their beliefs. In each of the eight storylines director in addition to the basic problem also raises the issue of racism and the clash of different cultures. With PsiMovie.Com you can download Crash Free Full Movie in HD.

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Critic's response:

Oscar-winning drama about racial and social contradictions in America. Los Angeles, our time: for about two days heroes of different skin color and social status related and unrelated get into an accident - real and psychological. Police, migrants, marginalized, successful and losers, racists and not - are involved in a sequence of sketches, linked for the most part only a common theme. Accident turns racial squabbles; frightened emitting xenophobia lawyer wife gets into the story, which feared a successful producer of African-American humiliated by police on the way to the party ... iron is bent, broken glass, hatred and loneliness. Paul Haggis ("Quantum of Solace", "Terminator: Salvation") wrote and directed the film "about their everyday concerns" - after breaking his own car. All this violence over a bunch of metal, of course, a metaphor, designed to show how powerful and dangerous contradictions tearing American society. But a simple trick works in this case - the film was shot clever, bold and quite interesting, although by the end of the endless chewing one thought using the same reception begins to seem a little pointless (another accident?). The mood and theme of the film resembles the "Magnolia" by Paul Thomas Anderson, which, however, is inferior in terms of poetry. Nevertheless, the American Film Academy has acknowledged the work Haggis above: "Oscar" in 2005 in the categories "Best Film", "Best Original Screenplay" and "Best Editing".

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