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Film Genre: Horror
Budget: 2,729,542 €
Country of Origin: Ireland, France, Sweden
Year of Release: 2013
Director: Marina de Van
Operator: John Sonroy
Somposer: Christophe Shassol
Actors: Missy Marie Keating, Marcella Plunkett, Padreyk Delaney, Charlotte Flivholm, Stephen Wall, Robert Donnelly, Susan Power, Richard Dormer, Catherine Walker, Olga Wehrli
IMDB: 4.8

Paranormal horror. The house, situated on the outskirts of the village, one night begin to happen terrible things that die as a result of its owners - a couple and brother 11-year-old girl. Niamh itself survives and tells the police that the house itself is killed her parents. But the guards, of course, do not attach importance to her and believe that the crime was committed local vandals. "Kiss of the Mummy at night" - the third film director and screenwriter Marina de Van, known for his work with Francois Ozon. With help of this site you can download Dark Touch in HD free full Movie.

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Critic's response:

Elegantly filmed horror about eleven girl fallen in a whirlwind of supernatural events in the style of "Carrie" by Stephen King. Strange things happen in the new house a little Neve: dishes shaking, furniture moves by itself, electricity is turned off and threatening. Finally, after a few hints on Fine terrible family secrets carousing paranormal satisfied bloody slaughter and killing parents Neve and her younger brother. While the adults are trying to find a rational explanation for what has happened, compassionate neighbors take Neve yourself and surround her with love and care. But when the poltergeist gets to a new home, and then to a children's holiday, which was called Neve, it becomes clear that the case in the girl and that she inflicted injury is too deep, and its ability to - well above average. Marina de Van, who started as a co-writer for the films of François Ozon, the one that Ozone called his "feminine counterpart", once made everyone talk about himself very intimate and provocative film debut "In my skin." It was a film about how the heroine accidentally get hurt, trying to feel the reality of his body, cutting off pieces of skin, eating and drinking their own blood. Then there was more mainstream, "Do not Look Back" - again an existential metamorphosis now - layered and atmospheric horror of eleven girls subjected to violence by perverted people closest and returns the adult world has gone through her inhuman horror. A story that begins as just another story about the house with strange, suddenly turns into a grim drama about the crippled child. Moreover, it is not only the revelation of violence, but also, as shown invert scene where Niamh and her two assistants play adults, and adults - children, violence hidden when parents manage to humiliate and torture of children in a thousand small ways. This happens unconsciously, passed on from generation to generation and may be reproduced in any family, so the viewer responds to deep irrational terror, so masterly srezhisirovannym De Van.

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